3 Tips To Help You Become More Awesome!

liberate your inner awesome image

Work Less; Play More; Watch Less TV !!


Thank you for reading and have a GREAT Sunday! 🙂

Sounds pretty easy, right?


I’ll back up just for a second (It’s just my style of writing – for some reason I always do this without really thinking about it! If I lose you for a sec, don’t worry!)

I’ll start from the top:

Work Less:

don't work yourself to death

Ok, i’m not suggesting for a second that I have all, or even most of the answers here, but maybe if I explain my rationale behind what I say, you might just get it. And that’s fine by me! By work less I don’t mean stick two fingers up at the boss tomorrow and quit your job. I simply mean leverage more time in the working day and get your shit together so you become more time efficient.

If you’re good at your job and you squeeze every second out of your time at work productively, then there rarely is a good reason why you should stay behind and do over-time, right?

If you improve your time management throughout the whole day, starting from getting up earlier in the morning to going to bed earlier, and wasting less time in between, the chances are fairly high you’re gonna have either more time to get work done thus reducing the stress of having to cram too much in the 8 hours you’ve been assigned. Or you’re going to increase your productivity at work leading to increased levels of awesomness, possibly a pay rise and certainly a better likelihood of leaving when the buzzer goes at 5/6pm.


Play More:

play more

If you work smarter and get your shit together you’re going to have more time to play! In my case it comes down to making more time for play with my two young kids! It’s time you will NEVER GET BACK after all, and I don’t know about you but I want to be able to go to the park and run around with my kids, or build lego towers or whatever kind of thing you get up to when it’s play time!

If you don’t have kids it might just be a case of leveraging more time (notice I like to use the term ‘leverage’ quite a bit’) – I like it! To me it means sort of bartering with mother time herself in order to be a kid again and just take a load off!

Reverting back to a kid-like mindset for me is crucial to allow me to get clarity with my other more serious shit! Some of you who know me well would argue I never really leave my child-like mindset! They’re probably right to be fair!

Anyway, play is awesome! If you work yourself into the ground and rarely allow time for catching up with friends over a beer, or a game of five-a-side football, or going to the gym, you risk taking all the fun out of life.

Life shouldn’t be unfulfilling and boring! You owe it to yourself to increase levels of awesomness! Make time for it!

Play more!

Watch Less TV:

TV is the thief of time

Sometimes TV can really grind you down mentally and emotionally; The news is almost always full of negativity; Reality can sometimes make you want to kill yourself (and others); If the TV isn’t working for whatever reason we go absolutely crazy and call up complete strangers and yell at them because “I’m missing the Derby!” If there’s something on too late, we stay up with matchsticks holding our eyelids up, then wake up tired and ratty! Our kids watch too much TV, cause “That’s we used to do” till ‘Spongebob actually becomes reality!….. I could go on for ever!


I’m not saying don’t watchTV!

Sometimes it can be used for great good. We can learn things about our planet, our economy, our history etc that enrich our lives undoubtedly for the better! Let’s not rely on it though or tell the time by it.

Over the last few years i’ve spent literally thousands of hours glued to the TV instead of doing things like: Taking the kids to see their godparents; ringing my own parents and telling them I love them and how much I appreciate everything they’ve done for me; or calling my pregnant sister who lives a thousand miles away and I see once a year if i’m lucky and seeing how she’s feeling; or taking my wife out to see a film (oh the ironry) because we literally never go… see first two points!; or meeting my friends for an hour, for a beer! I could literally go on all day!

At the end of the day it’s your choice!

If you’re perfectly happy watching 3-5 hours of TV a day, that’s fine with me!

If you’re completely happy working a 9-5 with lots of take-home paperwork, that’s fine with me two

And guess what, if you think playing is for sissies and people with not enough work to do, well that’s just fine and dandy with yours truly!

It’s YOUR CHOICE, not mine!

But if YOU are the guy moaning about not having enough time to do this, that and the other….

Maybe that’s your PROBLEM!

Whatever you do this Sunday, have a GREAT day!


Peace out!




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