Complacency Drives Stagnation

So after Z has been writing all these positive posts of late I thought I would chip in with my sixpence. I have known Z for a while now and I can honestly say he is making a change in all areas of his life, he is more productive, he is more organised and he now knows what he wants. So I have to give him credit as he is not just waffling a load of waffle, he is actually putting into action all of the good messages he is passing on.

Like many have said before it’s all about the small steps and putting a plan together, so that brings me onto

What do you want?

I will ask that again

What do you want? What is your vision? Where are you going?


Is it crystal clear, for example how many times have you heard young football players talk about playing football for their beloved supported clubs. This is their vision, this is their goal and I am sure they are doing everything to get there.

Z knows what he wants and so is paving his footpath towards it.

So again I ask, what is your vision?

If you can honestly say you are totally content with where you are in all areas of life then stop reading now, go make a coffee and have a digestive, you have made it!

However if you feel you want to develop areas in your life then continue reading


If you are complacent then you are stagnant, why would you want to be stagnant? Stagnant is like the left over water from a used Tough Mudder course. It smells and its dirty, is this you?

People don’t want to be stagnant but they are complacent with their lives and therefore don’t want to change.

For example, exhibit A wants to lose weight. They join a gym and hire a personal trainer. They train their ass off and go home and eat pizza. They want the change as that’s why they hired a personal trainer but they are complacent with their life as they still ate pizza.

When you make change you have to do it as a whole. You cannot embark on a single unit and hope for change, instead you have to go ‘balls to the wall’ and make change, insist on change, and change for the better.

So if exhibit A, decided they wanted to lose weight then the steps for this would be;

Change lifestyle to suit being healthy;

Change their diet and include good protein, fat and carbohydrate sources, and to cut out refined and processed crap;


Start exercising;

Stay positive and embrace the change, and except that change does not happen overnight.

So whatever your goal is in life, the success comes when you have a clear map in front of you. You are not complacent and you are not stagnant as your desire to move forwards is more than your desire to stay where you are.

So it’s your call

If you are complacent then you are stagnant and are resisted to change.

However if your desire to move forwards is more than your desire to stay where you are, then you are in a good place

Look at Z he has a burning desire to move forwards, this is what is getting him out of bed early in the morning to take action. Is this you, or are you happy to hit that snooze button?

Either way it’s your choice at the end of the day, its your life!

Tough Mudder stagnant water

2014 Tough Mudder

Or fresh spring water, your call













Thanks for reading



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