That Monday Morning Bullshit! Part II

Since last Weekend i’ve had the BEST FUCKING WEEK OF MY LIFE! !!

I realise at this point the majority of you guys that are taking the time to read this will be either in the “You’re positivity is starting to hurt my brain” Camp or the “Keep it coming, i’m finding this really useful” Camp – and possibly someone smack down the middle!

Some of you might hate reading about how i’ve turned my life around and got my shit together!

I’ve come to realise by laying my deepest secrets bare i’m gonna be leaving myself open to scrutiny, ridicule possibly, and i’m going to have to grow a thick skin!

That’s all FINE!

I do this for the greater good, and I LOVE it! – it’s OK by me if people don’t get me, or the message that i’m trying to put across.

This Blog won’t be for all of you, period!

But that’s ok, really it’s absolutely ok!

At the end of the day any feedback or criticism is great!

I’m going to keep on writing and keep on trying to help and if someone out there benefits and acts in a positive way then i’ll be pretty fucking happy about it!

The more feedback the better – i’ll get better as I go! 🙂

Yesterday I received a message from a client; he’d copied a link in my Whatsapp about a guy that felt he had wasted his life for the last 46 years of his life!

What an absolutely horrific thought!

Have a read here …. it will only take 2 minutes and it’s worth it, trust me!

My client just wrote “This back up your post?”

I assume he was reffering to ‘That Monday Morning Bullshit‘ <- check it if you didn’t catch part one!

I read the post….. then i read it again! It was pretty heartbreaking for that guy – he felt like he had literally wasted the last 46 years of his life!

I guess if I was going to take one tiny thing from reading his blog it would have to be…


‘Procrastination is the THIEF OF TIME’

(as is watching too much TV) <- more light reading from yours truly!

But….. and there’s a big BUT…..

Empathetic as I am to his seemingly miserable plight (believe me I can empathise a whole lot) I can’t help but feeling it’s all been spun the wrong way…

Two quick points I’d like here if I may:

1) Did he really ‘waste his life’ by not following his ideal life plan?

2) Does he think it’s too late to make things ‘right’

I’m not saying for a minute that i’ve got the magic sollution(s) for that guy, If I did I would be getting paid Zillions of bucks for this shit, and i’d probably be writing to you from my Jamaican retreat whilst sippin’ on Rum n Pineapple right now!

What i’m saying is that maybe he fell into That Monday Morning Bullshit, but he just got stuck there, and never got out!

There’s no doubt he’s going to need some help and support from his family, and colleagues to help him get through the realisation that he’s a whole lot older than he was when he had those dreams of a perfect life, but isn’t he a whole lot wiser now too? I bet he could teach me a thing or two about life, and his area of expertise, hell, he’s got an extra few years of life experience on me – but I don’t think he’s wasted it! Do you?

We’re all on a journey to somewhere, and sometimes I think we all have to go through a whole load of shit in order to find who we really are, and where we want to be. If it takes till your ‘middle aged’ (whatever the hell that means!) then maybe that’s ok! That man has got so much more to give, he’s just taken a while to realise it!

I’m not here to lecture, or rant or pretend I have all the answers!

I was going to make an apology to those who don’t appreciate my cursing in my blogs – that’s just me by the way! It’s how I speak and it’s how I best communicate my thoughts and my passion sometimes take a hold of me – i’m not sorry though. If you don’t like it, i’m cool with that homes! 😉

Don’t get dragged into That Monday Morning Bullshit, for the rest of lives guys!

Don’t be selfish – share your dreams, your passions with others!

You owe it to yourself and others around you!

Now I KNOW i’m going to have  GREAT FUCKING MONDAY cause I god damn said so!

I can feel it brewing….

I’m FIRED UP to the point where it’s waking me up at 4:30 in the mrning and I can’t wait to attack the day with everything i’ve got!

Don’t fuck around and ‘waste your life’

Do yourselves a favour and believe that what you have to say is important!

Value your place in life!

Get after it this Monday

Like MJ said…. “Gonna make a change, for once in my life”

Peace and Love


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One thought on “That Monday Morning Bullshit! Part II

  1. Reading this reminded me of something I read a while back, a Chinese proverb I think: ‘the best time to start something is 20 years ago, the second best time is now’. Another ace blog post, was a pleasure to read over breakfast coffee.

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