Tuesdays Child Is Full Of Grace!






Five insignificant little letters when you write them down like the above.

When you place them together in a sequence  though, they suddenly take on an abundance of meaning:



No not you, sorry Grace!


That’s more like it!

I can’t remember what exactly it was that got me thinking about the topic. All I do remember is leaping out of the shower, throwing on the nearest towel I could find and running downstairs to my phone to write myself a memo so I wouldn’t forget to share this morning!

I think I was just musing over the many meanings of the word ‘Grace’ and the lack of it I sometimes see around me! Of course for every example of a lack of grace i’m sure the opposite applies!

Grace: Courteous/Good will

‘He had the good grace to apologise to her afterwards’

I’ve lost count of the number of times i’ve fucked up; had the lack of grace to apologise, no matte who was right or wrong, and then see some of my closest friends drift away.

Remember, you’re true friends are always there for you… until they’re not! Have the good grace to apologise – it’s NEVER too late!

Nobody is perfect!


Grace: A period officially allowed for payment of a sum due or for compliance with a law or condition, especially an extended period granted as a special favour:

‘A two month grace period’

As a law-abiding (most of the time) citizen and model custodian of delivering awesomness I am constantly getting hassled by my local Council to pay, pay and pay more and more and MORE Council Tax.

They never have the good grace to pick up the phone and call me directly, or give notice! Making good people feel like criminals every time you send a notice through the post is tantamount to bullying! If anyone from Stockport Council is reading – please feel free to pick up the phone and talk to me!

Grace: The condition or fact of being favoured by someone

‘He fell from grace with the tabloids after being sent off for swearing’

How many times have we seen this recently in the media?

A much-loved, popular ‘celebrity’ fucks up publicly and immediately gets plucked from their pedestal and dumped by the roadside as valueless; un-commercially viable; bad for business!

We should probably give them a little grace, don’t you think? Sure they maybe made a bad decision, but who hasn’t at one point in their lives, right? Couldn’t we allow a little humility and grace from time to time. I’m sure there’s a little legal saying that’s often banded about and rarely obeyed by the media, and the general public for that matter: ‘Innocent till proven guilty’…….

And finally…

Grace: A short prayer of thanks, said before or after a meal


When was the last time you thanked all the people you owe a lot to?

When was the last time you gave thanks for your family and your friends for supporting you through a troubled time?

When was the last time you thanked someone for anything and truly meant it?

I’m not a religious man, far from it in fact but every now and again it doesn’t hurt to close my eyes for a sec and give thanks to everyone that’s helped me along my own personal journey.

Such a tiny word yet such a multitude of meanings! I’ve only touched on a few here.

We all find inspiration in different ways.

For me, yesterday made me realise the importance of conducting my own life with Grace

I think if we are all just a little bit more gracious, the world will be a better place!

Don’t confuse Grace with weakness!

Be like Tuesdays Child..


Wherever you are today, whatever you are doing, have a GREAT day!



Courteous good will:he had the good grace to apologize to her afterwards


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