Train Like You’re On Death Row!


Imagine you’ve got 6 months to live…..

Every single second you’ve got left on this mortal coil counts!

You’re going to take in the most from every single breath of Oxygen you can.

Almost everything around you is predetermined.

You wake up at a set time.

You’re meals arrive at a set time every day – and you already know what it’s gonna be.

You might be lucky to get through your meail without something kicking off to put you into ‘fight or flight’ mode.

Life is intense yet that’s routine for you.

If you’re lucky, you might just get one hour, that’s 60 minutes and exactly 3,600 seconds to get out in the yard or in the gym to lift some weight!

That’s not a lot of time, right…..


When your backs up against the wall and your days are numbered, every single second counts – EVERY SINGLE REP COUNTS!

We live in a society where we have a lot of pre-determined factors that are seemingly designed to fuck up our day!


Morning Rush Hour – predetermined by regemented 9am start to work for majority of people!

School Run – predetermined by similar factors!

School pick-up, the same!

Lunch Time, for most – predetermined!

“I’ve just got no time in the week to train”

People tell me this all the time.

In one week for have 7 days, right?

So that’s 168 hours.

10,080 minutes.

604,800 seconds

That sounds like a lot of time to me!


The point here is this; If the very best effort you can manage is 2 training sessions per week of 60 mins each, so you’re looking to find 120 minutes or 7200 seconds.. that’s approx 3.4% of you’re week dedicated to training..!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the choice were taken away so you didn’t have to waste mental energy on thinking when to train? Like the inmate on Death Row?

If the option to drastically improve your life was ‘pre-determined’ would you not jump at the chance to get involved?

I know I would!

And when you got to your training session, would you not be grateful if there was someone there to make sure you squeezed every second out of your 60 minute work-outs?

I know I would!

There are no mobile phones on the yard, or in the gym (except for contraband of course – I had to say something remotely funny at some point, right!) in prison!

There are few distractions, apart from the threat of your time running out and that buzzer sounding!

Next time you’re hitting the gym, take a second to evaluate whether you’re really working hard enough.

If you had a gun to your head, could you get your shit done in 60 minutes?

I know I could!

Next time you sit down to check your phone on the gym floor, ask yourself this question.

Do I really need to take this call?



Could it not wait just a few more minutes until you’ve maximised your ‘me time’ ?


Business will still be there when you call back!

We all get older and eventually weaker, that’s life – it’s just the way our cards our dealt, but wouldn’t it b awesome to stick two fingers up at father time and squeeze every second out of it. Just like that guy on Death Row?

Have a GREAT day wherever you are!



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