I Do It For The Love!

I woke up a couple of weeks ago and had an epiphany!

Not really sure what happened… if I fell and bumped my head, I just knew I needed to make some changes in order to help me get my shit together and improve my life for the sake of my family, but most importantly for ME!

I was stuck in a rut, BIG TIME!

Going NO WHERE fast!

Ever had the feeling?

I just knew deep, deep down that I needed to change so that I would be happier in myself.

I knew that if I just tweaked my outlook on a few things I would stop being so negative!

I’ve always loved helping people – I think it’s in my DNA!

But I only just really realised that maybe if I write down some of my thoughts, and my life experiences, I could actually use that for good instead of dwelling on it and making myself more miserable!

Failed singer – No, the journey made me a better man!

Not ‘successful enough’ – Get up and at it earlier in order to get my shit done to create more oppourtunity for success!

Always tired – go to bed earlier!

TV dragging me down – Stop watching so much!

I could go on….

Somewhere along the line I’d lost my way. No biggie though, cause I think i’ve found it again!

I’ve always loved to write!

Sure I might not be the next Poet Laureate (spelling a touch ropey these days!) but I don’t give a shit about that, really! It’s all in the message!

I’ve got a action-packed day lined up so i’m gonna cut this short! I’ve got other important shit to get done today! Gotta prioritise 🙂

If this blog helps someone, somewhere in some small way, my work is done.

Keep the feedback coming. It’s all greatly appreciated – good and not-so-good!

Don’t confuse preaching for passion!


Don’t like it, don’t read.

It certainly won’t be for everybody – I get that!

Catch you on the flip-side!

Have a great day!



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