There Is No Quick Fix To Getting Results!

Pay peanuts, get Monkeys!

Pay Cheap, Pay Twice!

Ever heard those phrases?

20Minute Abs….?

Do this 20 minute work-out at home and in 12 weeks you will be amazed at the results, or your money back!

Sound familiar, right?

The thing is that most opeople fail to grasp when looking for solutions to getting results is that there really is no easy way!

If it was easy everyone would look like a Greek adonis…. and last time I checked around my local town centre, that certainly wasn’t the case!

If you could get in amazing shape for cheap, wouldn’t that be awesome!



Let’s have a look at a couple of definitions for a sec shall we:

‘low in price, especially in relation to similar items or services’

ok…. next one:

‘of little worth because achieved in a discreditable way requiring little effort’

This is the killer!

‘Of little worth’….

I don’t know about you but if i’m going to part with my hard-earned cash I would far rather I get value for money, not something that’s simply cheap and crap!

I don’t buy a tv for it to break in a year and then have to buy another one. That’s just false economy!

If I want to get legal advice (happened quite a bit recently) I don’t just look for the cheapest charlatan out there, because I actually want to have a hope of getting the result – “I didn’t do it your honour”

cheap insuranceBrilliant!

Cheap Insurance…..? So when my house gets robbed, or I accidentally sit on my phone, or my car breaks down on the Motorway… I find out i’m not covered!


A Quick Fix is just a made up bit of Marketting Bullshit that preys on the misinformed, ignorant and vulnerable

It doesn’t exist!

short cut quote


“If it was a short-cut (said Sean, as I turned into a blocked road earlier this week) it would be ‘the way”…. I’ll bet money his dad (M-Cat) taught him that one!

But it’s so true…. there are no short cuts! Think about it!

short cut 2

What people need to realise is that getting results takes hard graft, dedication, blood, sweat and tears! If it came easy it wouldn’t be valued. This is why so often people invest in seemingly good value products off the internet, or off the tv where a promise or a guarantee is made or your money back!

At S&P We’re in the business of getting you RESULTS! That’s how we roll!!

We’re not CHEAP – In fact we’re damn expensive…. and we’re proud of it too! Why would you want to pay cheap and pay twice? Something to ponder over your cornflakes! 🙂

Over the years we’ve built our reputation around getting people results.

Some come relatively quickly for some. Others take a little more time to build a foundation so that the results will come later… and stay around! All are earned with hard work!

danger sharks

Beware…. Sharks are everwhere!

Don’t let them suck you in!

CT Fletcher said it pretty well:

“If you see somebody with great abs, a great butt, a great whatever, they didn’t do the shit in 20 minutes, and if they tell you they did, they are a fucking liar!”

Yep, took the words out of my mouth CT!

It’s all about value for your dollar!

Invest in the best quality gym money can buy + Your Time + Work Hard = Get RESULTS!

It’s that simple!

Gotta fly for now!




ps CLICK HERE <— To apply for membership to S&P Gym and change your life for the better!


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