That Monday Morning Bullshit ‘100th Blog’ Special Edition!

100th blog post

100 Blogs!!

Keep it together Z… you got this!

Wow! I never would have thought we’d make it this far!

100 Blogs is nothing in the grand scheme of things – as far as decent blogs go, it’s a poor effort!

That said, we’ve upped our game since two weeks ago and we’re throwing out at least one every single day, so I hope you’ve been enjoying them over a nice pot of good coffee in the morning!

I kicked my alarms ASS this morning by the way!

It called 5.00am…… and I raised it 4:15! BOOM!! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Father Time… I got your number brotha!

As I was pouring over my morning knowledge on it came in a slightly pathetic and apologietic way…

beep beep…. beep beep….. beep beep!

While my alarm was busy being a pussy and sleeping in, I was up and at it, getting important shit done to set up for a mega week of business!

I now can actually really smell what the Rock is Cooking! – and I fucking love that smell!

work hard

Up early while the rest of the World sleeps!

Grab every opportunity by the short and curlys!

Leap over any and EVERY obstacle in the way of success!!

And still have time to make breakfast for the kids!

I give my old flame ‘That Monday Morning Bullshit’ a good ass kicking these days!

Back in the day it wasn’t the case! But that old me is gone…. kicked into touch! I’ve changed!

Today when the Bullshit starts to manifest I tighten my shoelaces, quicken my pace, say a little message of thanks to all the poeple who have helped me along the way and I tell it to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

take for granted

When the Bullshit rears it’s ugly head, I think about other people around the World less fortunate than myself; I think about people suffering with Poverty, Pain and Despair and I count my fucking blessings that I’m not among them!

When i’m down I get back up!

When i’m broke, I work harder!

When i’m tired I get the hell up and splash my face with cold water!

I will not be beaten!

I will not be denied the success that I demand from myself!

I will not let the opportunity to do good in this World pass me by!

It’s what I was born to do!

That’s just me!

That’s who I am…. I know who the fuck I am now!

can you smell what the rock is cooking

People lose sight of the important things in life sometimes – we get wrapped up in our own Bullshit to the point where it clouds our judgement so that we can’t see clearly!

If you happened to read last Mondays Blog, you will know what i’m talking about… If you haven’t then I suggest you do! You might think a little differently afterwards!

What’s your Bullshit?

It’s different for everyone i’m sure!

Are you tired of dragging your ass to the gym and hitting the treadmill for hours on end, but not getting the results you desire?

Why is that?

Do you know what you SHOULD be eating but you just can’t get into the habbit? Your goals seem so close, but yet so far away!

warning sign

WARNING: The shameless plug is coming! HAHA

You knew it was coming!

At S&P, we’ve built a successful career on helping people just like YOU overcome your demons and get the results YOU deserve!

Why should you carry on struggling and jumping from fad diet to fad diet when we have an exclusive program that will help you kick your own ass and get in AMAZING shape, and have FUN doing it!

You’re one click away from changing your life for the better!

take action


We would like to cordially invite you to apply for one of our Application Only spaces on our tried and tested program.

It’s no coincidence that Strength & Performance Gym was recently voted one of the top 10 private gyms in the UK by readers of Mens Health!

We get results!

Stop your Monday Morning Bullshit dead in it’s tracks! Take ACTION today, don’t wait for January to apply! Our signature programs fill up FAST!

reality check

If you don’t like getting real RESULTS fast, then S&P won’t be for you!

Only the commited need apply!

If this is YOU click here now

I hope you enjoyed our Special Edition 100th Blog!

I enjoyed writing it!!

Wherever you are today, if you’ve got That Monday Morning Bullshit, don’t let it get the upper hand.

Own it! Make it tap the fuck out! Make it leave you alone and NEVER come back!

Like the school yard bully that picks on the smaller, weaker, defenseless kids…. when you punch that bully on the nose, he soon goes away!

Get out there this Monday and get after it like never before!

Carpe Diem!




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