3 Tips To Help You Kick-Ass This Morning!

Go To Bed Earlier…

Wake Up Earlier…


For some, possibly most of us, it really can be that simple!

Having a great, productive morning can set up ALL of your actions for the rest of the day!

Have you ever stayed up a little later than normal watching TV, then slept through and missed your alarm? Sound familiar?

You finally wake with a start and something doesn’t feel right – it’s suspiciously too noisy or too light outside and you just get that sick feeling in your stomach..



I know i’ve done it on a very small handful of occasions – we all have!

It doesn’t feel good! You panic… everything is a mad blur of burnt toast, shaving cuts and shoddy hair do’s! Then you finally bundle yourself into the car you hit RUSH HOUR!!! You know you would never have made it on time anyway, yet still you try and somehow cheat time!

Truth is sleep is important. Think about it for a sec; you cram your brain full of information all day; You ferry the kids around (or yourself) from A to B, back to A via C then back to B… just to go home to A later on, and then the whirlwind called ‘Life’ cracks right on the minute you set foot in the door! It’s full on and i’ve not even hit on gym time yet which breaks you down further!

Your body needs to rest…. it’s kind of why we sleep! If you just try to shave half an hour of your bed time, I guarantee you’ll feel better for it in the morning! I don’t use an alarm anymore… well I set one, just in case, but I know that if i’m in bed before 10pm I will wake up early feeling FRESH!

So we’ve pretty much covered Going to bed a touch earlier = Getting up Earlier, which in turn makes our lives way more awesome. It’s so obvious when you think about it. I realise it doesn’t always work for everyone, especially when you work crazy day/night shifts – that’s just life unfortunately; I know, i’ve been there and it’s not nice. But with a little cunningness, you can still make it work. It just takes a bit more planning!

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day!


It doesn’t have to happen straight away! There are many theories out there that might conflict with this information: The ‘Fasted Cardio’ approach works well for some people, but they still have breakfast…. it just happens later! Your breaking the fast remember… it doesn’t matter when you have it. If you didn’t have it eventually you would die, right! Make sense?

We all need to eat after we wake – Simple!

If you’re struggling with the concept, don’t try to be too clever.

If you currently don’t have any breakfast at all… “I can’t do breakfast in the morning”

Just glug some nice fresh water down when you get downstairs. Make a shake up – it might be something like this: 300ml Almond Milk + 1 scoop good quality whey protein + a handful of flax seeds + half a cup Blueberries or Strawberries. Blend that up, stick it in your work bag and chug it down when you get there once you’ve had time to acclimatize to the day!

It’s not the perfect start, but it’s a whole lot better than not eating anything at all till lunch! Give it a whirl, and see what happens!

And there you have it; 3 Tips To Help You Kick-Ass This Morning!

Nothing fancy!

No Fads!

No Gimmicks!

No BS!

Just 3 really simple little tips to give you a shove in the right direction!

Throw in a great training regime, that’s fun and gets you awesome results and you’re on to a WINNER!

Have a AWESOME Tuesday!

I know I will!



take action 2

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