Hungry Like The Wolf!

wolf pack 1

Sometimes I like to remind myself what it feels like to be hungry, so I know how it feels like to be broke!

Let me explain; Lately there’s been a lot of shit going down in the S&P Hood! Times are changing, and I’ve come to the realisation that in business, if you’re standing still, you’re going backwards!

Nobody likes change!….

But Change is innevitable!

Lately i’ve been laser-focussed on improving my life, which in turn will spill over into my business. Some days i’ll get to 11am and realise i’ve not had breakfast yet! Yesterday that was 2pm! I didn’t skip it – I was so busy getting after it I almost forgot to eat!

Anyone that knows me (my sister will laugh when she reads this!) knows that i’ve always loved my food. I used to get so cranky when I was hungry! Not so much anymore I have to say. Sure I need it to survive, but I started making the switch from taking food off the table, to putting more on it, that’s when shit got real, and I realised that my priorities must lie elsewhere!

Sometimes I forget to eat when i’m fired up and attacking the morning routine! Other times I like to test myself to see whether I can train full throttle on an empty stomach or at different times of the day etc…. Life is a test, so it’s high time I started passing with an A*.

I used to watch a lot of nature programs with my dad when I was a kid. He always had control of the tv in our house! There would always be a hungry pack of lions or a pack of wolves who would be chasing some poor Reindeer over the moorland.

They were relentless in their pursuit of a meal!

They knew that if they gave up after a lenghty chase, they all might starve to death!

It was INTENSE watching nature take its’ course in front of my eyes – I never forgot the look in the eyes of those wolves as they hunted that Reindeer down!

So when times get tough sometimes and i’m hungry, I think back to the days in my old front room and embrace the struggle!

It’s not so bad after all! You’ve just got to play the long game and get your nose to the grindstone and put in HARD WORK!

Success doesn’t come to you, after all…. YOU GO TO IT!

Quick one for you this morning, just thought i’d share!

I’ve got a date kicking Thursdays ass, hope you don’t mind!



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