3 Tips To Ensure You Get Better Results In The Gym!

Don’t Whine; Help Others Be Better; Always Bring Your A-Game

Following on from Seans very apt post yesterday, I thought I’d drop a few K-Bombs that some people in the gym game will be all to familiar with!

There’s no secret to getting Results in this game!

There are only different factors that can lead to you either getting what you want out of joining a serious, no BS facility like S&P , or not – it couldn’t be much more simple really!

It’s all in the approach!

quit being a pussy

Don’t set yourself up for an epic fail by moaning and comlaining from the second you set foot in the door! This rarely helps motivate you to train hard and have a great session! I’m not saying you have to bound through the doors like a hyper-active Kangaroo and infect everyone with your charming personality (for some of us that can be almost counterproductive), but at least give your fellow trainees a smile and be courteous! It really doesn’t hurt and I guarantee you will feel better for it!

pay it forward

Pay it forward; If you’ve had a great day or have got some particularly cool tips that you might have picked up from one of our coaches, feel free to share with others so that they might benefit too! If you’ve seen a great piece of content on our Youtube site, for example, tell others so that they can have a sneaky peep later, or while they’re warming up with a shot of coffee!

If someone’s having a stinker of a day and they just need a word of encouragement, you can make a huge difference to the way their session goes! Give them a pat on the back and a few positive words to make sure they up their game and train a little harder! Success breeds success – we are in this to get results and everybody should have ther best chance possible! Help your fellow (wo)man be better!

a game

Thirdly and lastly; If you don’t bring your A-Game, what are you going to bring, your B-Game? Does such a thing even exist!

“There is no reason to have a Plan B because it distracts from Plan A”

Thanks Will Smith

He’s so right though! In that now famous video interview he goes on to say “I will not be outworked!” That’s a pretty good mantra in my opinion!

I’m not saying for a second that we’re all destined to the most gifted athlete on the planet! That’s not the point at all! Simply put, just Bring your A-Game every time you step in to the gym. Put your best foot forward and come out swinging and you can’t go far wrong! It doesn’t matter if the guy in front is stronger than you, leaner than you or can go fasted on the Airdyne – he/she isn’t you! You are competing with yourself, and that can sometimes be competition enough!

shameless plug

Love this pic!

If you’re struggling in your current training regime and you’re getting frustrated with not getting results… fear not – it’s kind of our thing!

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I guaratee it will be the smartest move you’ll ever make!

Go on, kick Saturdays ass this morning!

Make a difference to your Health & Wellness

Have a Great day!



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