What Motivates You?

motivation 1

What Drives You?

What makes You get up in the morning?

What ignites the fire under your butt?





What makes You tick?

For me it all comes down to what I want from life!

family 1

That smile is about right!

It all comes back to my family; my little solid unit; my joy; my pain; my triumph; the love of my life; my solace; my refuge; my council; my everything!

What motivates me is knowing that as the leader of my little pack, it is my duty to provide for them, to keep them safe and to afford them every opportunity for success and happiness possible!

I have an insatiable hunger inside me which drives me forward. I wasn’t put on this Earth to be an also-ran, to be one of the madding crowd! I demand better from myself for the sake of my family, so that they will be able to enjoy the spoils of my hard work and perseverance.

I’m not just talking about money here, but I realise that to be able to achieve the above outcome is a bi-product!

People have been asking me lately “Why do you get up so early?” and “Why are you so optimistic?”

“You’re going to crash and burn!”

I chuckle to myself – on the face of it perhaps I have made some fairly radical changes, but I wake up every morning with a huge big grin on my face and prepare to seize every opportunity I get to improve life I want for my family for the better. So I say to anyone that wants to listen:

Can you ever really be too Optimistic?

optimistic 1

‘Realistic’ sure, but what the hell is realistic anyway? If realistic means staying in the same small 3 bed semi for the rest of my life, with a growing family and a bag full of dreams and ‘what-ifs’ then i’m sorry but i’d much rather be optimistic!

Sure beats the hell out of my old nemesis ‘Pessimism’ – that fucker can get the hell out of my life for good, and NEVER return! One way ticket to ‘Go and sapp the life out of some other mug Town’ cause’ I don’t wanna know ya!

We all have the ability to change if we want to, it’s in our DNA!

If you didn’t get chance read a blog I wrote a while back, when I first decided I needed to change my outlook on life, maybe you’d like to!

It was called You Are Incredible! <– Check it here and I hope you enjoy!

If you’ve cracked it already then nothing in either of these posts may be of benefit. I’m cool with that!

But if you maybe need a little kick up the ass to uncover what you’re doing in life and why you’re doing it, then hopefully this might help a bit!

It’s Sunday so it’s my official Family Day here in the ‘burbs of Stockport!

I’m thankful every day that I have a loving family around me to support and guide me through lifes highs and lows.

My family motivate me, it’s that simple!

What motivates YOU?

Wherever you are today, whatever you’re planning on doing, have a Great Day!

Enjoy your family/loved ones!

Be safe!

Catch you on the flip side for another edition of That Monday Morning Bullshit!

You can check the last edition HERE <—



ps To find out more about how we can help You kick more ass in the gym and in your Life CLICK HERE <–


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