That Monday Morning Bullshit Part IV – Take Action!

BADASS Action Takers Finish First Every Time!

Morning all you early risers!

How’s Monday treating you?

Ready to kick into overdrive and take some names?

That’s what I thought!

take action 3

I know it’s not always easy to trick your tired sleep-depreived body into thinking that it’s fresh and ready to get the hell out of bed, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

If everyone stayed in bed and cursed the day they ever set their alarm clocks for 6am, the World would probably be a way less prodcutive place!…. wait a minute….!

We shouldn’t need alarm clocks!

We certainly shouldn’t have to set our lives by them!

In the mornings for example, if we’ve had enough sleep our bodies will automatically tell us to get the fuck up and get after it – you won’t need me banging on about it! Wouldn’t that be nice, huh!

For a few cheeky tips on how to make your morning a little more awesome without sacrificing your lives too much, check back to one of last weeks posts here !

take action 4

Action Takers Finish First Every Time!!

It’s worth repeating!

Have you ever thought of going to see your favourite band play at a gig?

You know for a fact that they’re gonna sell out in a few hours at the very most!

You tell yourself you’re going to be first in the queue for tickets – you know this won’t happen because you know that there will be people on speed dial who’ve been sat there all night waiting for the pre-release…. and half their friends and family are also on speed dial on mega fast braodband connections waiting to beat your sorry ass to the punch!

ring ring….. ring ring….. engaged tone!….. again you try…. and again…. and again….!

They must have gone already!

Someone took action over and above what you were prepared to take, and they succeeded in getting their tickets no matter what the cost! It might have cost them twice as much and a few hours sleep, plus an expensive phone bill… but they beat you to the punch, and why, because while you were too busy half-arsing it they were out taking action to ensure they were first in that line to see their favourite band!

Two people, same scenario…. same chance of getting the tickets…. BIG difference in the execution!

chance favours the prepared mind

Thank you Louis!

Sure you can try and be smart and savvy and beat the system – there’s always a smart ass out there who knows all the tricks… and that’s cool too! Good on that guy! But for the majority of people, possibly in the majority of real World situations, i’ll be prepared to bet my reputation that hard word eventually trumps the talented but complacent!

Sean wrote a killer blog a while back on the subject of Complacency! It’s a good read!

Take Action!

Be First!

Get after it!

I guarantee you’ll get your tickets next time!

You can’t execute a plan that doesn’t exist! – that’s for another blog though! 😉

If you’re ready to take action in your lives, then you might want to drop us a line.

You can do it simply by filling out some details and applying for membership on to one of our Body Transformation packages or our signature strength programs!

If you’re frustrated with your results; maybe you’ve been training on your own for time eternal but got nowhere…  you still desperately want to drop a dress size or two but not sure how… the time is NOW to act!

drop a dress size

Don’t procrastinate till after Christmas, when more damage will be done! In as little as 4 weeks we can whip you back into shape!

** note: for the men, I realise the dress size thing might not be your bag – this one is for the ladeez! **

CLICK HERE <– to find out what we do at S&P – It might just be the best move you’ve ever made! 🙂

Now get out there and Take Positive Action to improve your lives!

Don’t wait, just DO IT!

It’s a mad busy one today at S&P so i’m gonna sign off for now!

Catch you on the flip side!



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