Invest In The Best Version Of Yourself!

If you want to get results from your training, you have to stick to a plan!

Do you have a plan!

Do you even know why you need a plan!

What do YOU want to get out of your training?

Is it fat-loss? Weight loss? Strength? Better cardio? More energy to play with the kids…?


What do YOU want?

This gets my hyped up but I believe passionately that we’re all training for a reason – it makes sense, right? otherwise we would sit about eating twinkies all day, crying over Oprah!

“I could have been a pro too…. I just didn’t have the right guidance!”

Thing is, it’s never too late to hatch a plan!

If we don’t plan, we certainly won’t succeed in following through with the right kind of positive action!

You’ll hear me bang on about this time and time again but it’s so true!

‘Fail to plan; Plan to fail’ etc… #truth !

If it takes someone else to help uncover your reasoning behind wanting to change your body and get in kick-ass shape, then that’s fine! At least you’ll be a damn sight nearer to achieving what it is you REALLY want from joining a program at a gym.

Once you’re there you have to invest! And when I say ‘invest’ I mean emotionally, mentally, physically… you have to invest in getting the results you desire! It’s not so much the vehicle but the end result!

There are several ways of getting from point A to point B. Some may be slow and painful – but you want the vehicle that’s gonna get you there most efficiently and effectively! Once you’re there you want to stay there, so your investment will be long term! It will take time, effort and you’ll have to part with your hard-earned cash!


To back up this point, check out a Blog I wrote a couple of weeks back!

There Is No Quick Fix To Getting Results <–

Hopefully it will help make the point for you if you’re struggling to get your head around the idea of having to invest long-term in staying happy and healthy for the rest of your lives! 🙂

I’d say it was a pretty worthwhile investment, wouldn’t you?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all turn back the clock just a little bit?

Cheat time?

Get back to being in the best shape of your life… when your partners used to rip your clothes off under the sheets?

And wouldn’t it be frickin’ unbelievably AWESOME to be able to get nekked’ infront of the mirror and be like ‘dayum, it’s like i’m 21 again’? No…? Reeeeeeally? I don’t believe you!

We would all LOVE it!!!

We shouldn’t have to feel like those good times have passed us by! Why should we accept that we’re all going to eventually get fatter, weaker and have less energy – because society tells us this?

I call ‘BULLSHIT’ !!

If you want to make some changes then it’s never too late!

We all deserve to be the Best version of ourselves!

Just know that it won’t come easy!

You have to be prepared to get after it – Work HARD, stick to your guns and invest in your well-being!

Don’t half-arse it, you have to COMMIT!

It’s going to be a short one today!

Got a house full of poorly kids so i’m signing out!

If you missed yesterdays Blog, check the link below!

That Monday Morning Bullshit Part IV

Take Action!

Embrace the grind!

Have a great Tuesday!



PS To find out more about how we can help you achieve the body you’ve been longing for CLICK HERE <–

Limited spaces**


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