It’s All About Winning!!

if you dont have confidence 1

My Hero!

There are no prizes for second place!!

Sure, you could have a Silver or a Bronze medal…… but why would you want either of those when you could have the Gold baby!

‘It’s not about winning, it’s about taking part!’


I thought it was about winning!…..

Let me back-up for a sec!

This isn’t some crazy rant about having no excuses or taking immidiate action. Instead there’s a slightly more subtle point that if we don’t teach our kids to strive to be good at something, then how are they ever really going to aim high? What the hell is wrong with aiming high and wanting to win anyway?

We can all do it?

We can all WIN!

A few months back a client told me that at school she was actually told to ‘go and sit this one out – you’re just not very good at running!’ – can you believe that? Time and time again it was painfully reinforced that she sucked at most sports and she wasn’t the most talented member of the group!


And there’s always a ‘but’…

Luckily for her PE teacher, this girl didn’t take it all as a bad thing; she just tried her damn hardest to be the best she could be and that was fine by her! She knew she maybe didn’t have the pure talent of some of her classmates, but she wasn’t competing with them, she was competing with herself!

Nowadays she maybe still doesn’t have the genetic gifts that others we’ve trained possess. But i’ll tell you one thing, she has got more guts, determination and bloody-minded work ethic than the majority of people who step through our doors!

She IS Winning!

Yeah, she might not be the fastest, or the strongest but she grafts her ass off every single session and then asks for more when she’s done! She’s battled with some demons over the last couple of years and every time life comes and bites her on the backside she bites right back and just pushes forward, no matter how difficult and painful it can be!

So it’s genuinely not always about finishing first in everything we do, that would be crazy and there’s not a man or woman alive who could claim that fame – and will never!

Deep down we all want to win!

For the underdog who perhaps should have never got to the final of the 100m freestyle at the Olympics, but who pulled out all the stops and shocked the World to finish in third place….. He did win!

For the 3rd division football team that held the mighty Manchester United to only a 3-1 win in the FA Cup…. They won too!

You don’t always have to look at being the absolute best in the World ever just to count yourself as a success! Just pick the small things and take one small step at a time, that way you always have the potential for a win and not to set yourself up for failure!

You have to believe in your own ability and just get your head down. Don’t worry about what everybody else is doing or how good they think they are, or how others peceive them – this isn’t about them, it’s about you and you alone!

It’s not going to come easy, that’s garanteed unless you’re extremely lucky, and who ever relied on luck as a toll for success? I’m not sure I know of many!

Life is All About Winning, it’s just how we choose to look at it!

We should NEVER be told by a person in supposed authority who’s actual job is to motivate and inspire the youth of today to make themselves better and give them the best chance at life! Maybe it was just an ‘old-skool’ approach back then, but that certainly doesn’t make it right!

I’m not saying that we should wrap everyone up in cotton wool and tell them they’re all special inside etc etc… that’s not the point of this blog! But everyone should have a focus on what they want to achieve! If you’re passionate about getting better at a sport or following a certain career path you should be encouraged to get after it and kick ass, not be told that you’re ‘probably never gonna be any good at it, right?’

I hope all this is making sense!

Get out there and get your own ‘Win’ today – no matter how small or big, just WIN!

You don’t need to ever ‘lose’ again, just maybe win a bit less; or make a mistake and get your fingers burned, learn from it and come back to win again tomorrow! That’s LIFE!

michael jordan 1

Now that’s my kind of perspective!

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing today, have a Great one!

In the words of DJ Khaled:


Catch you later



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