Danny MacAskill – Nothing Is Impossible!


Watch this vid – Do it NOW! 

It may not be a new vid, but this guy Danny MacAskill sure does know his way round a bike!

Some of the things he can get his mountain bike to do are just plain RIDICULOUS!

If you ever have an idea to do something and you don’t believe it will work, then you’re setting yourself up to fail!

If you listen to the Ney-sayers and the doom-bringers telling you it can’t be done, calling you ‘crazy’ then you’re never gonna get anywhere!

Nothing is Impossible!

Wanna fly to outer space?….. Possible!

Wanna climb Everest?…. Possible!

Wanna quit your day job, follow your passion and set up your own business?…. Possible!

Wanna make a difference to World Poverty?…. Possible


Stop telling yourself it can’t be done…


Stop telling yourself it can wait till tomorrow…

Tomorrow never comes!

Believe in yourself!

It’s ok to Believe in your own hype sometimes, just make sure you stay Humble! (no one likes a show-off!)

Get out there and GET SHIT DONE!

‘Impossible’ is some Bullshit the unsuccessful, bitter people tell you to try and stifle your dreams and drag you down with their negativity!

Danny MacAskill didn’t quit every time he fell off that bike!

I’ll be willing to bet he’s broken most of the big bones in his body at some stage or another, while he was struggling to get known and perfect his skills!

He didn’t start out as a whizz on a bike. Hell no!

samuel becket 1

Get off your ass and quit talking about what could have been!

It’s Never Too Late!

Pumping out a lot of motivational shit through the Blog these days!

I’m all kinds of fired up!

I believe that Nothing Is Impossible

Nothing is gonna stand in my way in life, Nothing!

If you’re happy with your lot, great! If you’re not, maybe it’s time you did something about it!

Do something RIGHT NOW that will put you on the next step to a better life!

Do it Today, don’t wait!

If you’re in the gym today, make sure you train your ASS off! 😉

Have a Great day!

Be safe this Thursday!



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