5 BIG Mistakes I’ve Made In Life and Business!

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately; I’ve learnt quite a few things over the last 32 years on this Earth, and it’s fair to say i’ve made plenty of mistakes!

For those who may be visiting the blog for the first time and wondering what i’m banging on about; I don’t blame you – it’s supposed to be a ‘fitness’ blog, right?

Well yes and no really!

The thing is the term ‘fitness’ is very vague and none-descript! At S&P we like to mix it up, keep it fresh ya know! We try to broaden peoples horizons and allow our followers/members/wider S&P Family to see the bigger picture.

We’re all about helping people get better whether it’s simply dropping a few pounds, or a dress size maybe, or just motivating them to get out of bed and have a better day than perhaps they’re used to having. It doesn’t matter how you get the result, just get a positive result and you’re winning! Hope you follow!

If you want anyone to point the fingure at – i’m your man; I’m Z, one of the S&P Founders, so if you don’t like the positive motivational stuff, or you didn’t sign up to receive that sort of thing, then that’s fine – please feel free to unsubscribe to our newsletter and seek information elsewhere 🙂


That’s me on the right!

If you want to stick around I guarantee you won’t be disappointed; we’re ramping up our blog in the New Year with some exiting new products that will 100% be of use to you the reader! So keep checking back regularly for more details!

Anyway, I was saying how i’d made a few mistakes in my time (huge understatement) but those of you who follow regularly will know that I also say it’s ok to make mistakes, so long as you learn from them!

Below in no particular order are 5 mistakes i’ve made at some point in my life & business that i’ve now made a positive effort to fix! I’ve put my resolution below each point in brackets! I hope you find some comfort in my words:

1) Not appreciating my wife enough for the amount of time, effort and hard work it takes to raise a young family while i’m at work!

(I’ve leveraged more time in the mornings by getting up early to get the bulk of my important work done – this allows me more time and energy to help her out more around the house and with ther kids)

2) Not calling my mum and dad enough and telling them I love and appreciate everything they’ve done for me!

(Due to managing my time better I can call in the mornings when they get up [they live in France now] – I know my mum knows I love her dearly, but i’ve never really said it! I now have no excuse to be too busy!)

3) Trying to please everyone

(Although I sometimes struggle with the concept, it really is impossible to please everybody! These days I only work with people who value my time and effort – in return I am much more fullfilled and happy! Deep down there’s always a big part of me that is desperate to help, to be liked and to please!)

4) Not paying it forward

(I used to think I would have the upper hand over everybody by keeping all my knowledge to myself. In a word, In was ‘selfish’ ; Big time selfish!  What i’ve come to realise [without giving all the good stuff away for free of course] is that paying it forward is a wonderful thing. If someone somewhere can benefit from my experience/knowledge then it feels so liberating to be able to put them in the right direction to finding a solution)

5) Not playing with my kids enough!

( I know, there are simply NO EXCUSES for not playing with my kids! Yet i’ve made them regularly and selfishly on many occasions – too many to count! These days due to being much more savvy with my time and my business, I never have to tell them we can’t go to the park, or build a jigsaw. It makes me sick to my stomach that I ‘got away with it’ for so long! My family comes first now, period!)

So there you have it, just 5 simple mistakes that i’ve made either in my life at home, or in my business! In no particular order and without agenda – that’s my list for now! Every now-and-again i’ll throw out a few more in a list!

Maybe you’re doing the same thing and encountering problems! Sometimes just a tiny shift in mindset can fix it for good! I know it did with me!

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It’s 06:00 right now and i’ve got some important business to attend to!

So if you’ll excuse me i’m gonna hit the road!

TTYL folks!

Yours in good Health


Co-Founder @ S&P Gyms


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