What Would You Like To Know?

Sometimes I can get a bit carried away talking at people!

It’s just me – sometimes my passion for helping others can overwhelm me!

People sometimes confuse this passion for preaching!

Don’t get it twisted; I ain’t no preacher – religion has never been part of my life! I respect the hell out of anyone who believes and finds comfort in whom soever they choose to believe in… but it’s not for me, I won’t lie!

But I do care passionately about helping people – I truly belive it’s my mission in life to help as many people as I possibly can to get better and kick more ass in their lives and in their business! I might not be the best man for the job; I might not be old enough, wise enough, successful enough… but I’m trying!

Thing is, sometimes i’ll get a bit carried away and i’ll just write and write about my life, and how i’ve changed, and who I used to be, and how i’m not that guy anymore. All these things are true, but what would YOU like me to write about?

What Would You Like To Know?

I’m asking for a little feedback here – I genuinely love feedback, positive or otherwise so please feel free to post your messages up on Twitter @SandP_GYM if you’re not following already; Hit me up directly @zorandubaic; You can get us on our main Facebook Page <— please click or if you’re on of the chosen ones i.e you’re on the S&P Inner Circle and you train with us at our Stockport Gym then you guys know what to do! 😉

Our Inner Circle members will be getting some bonus material pretty soon, but for the rest of you guys we still want to help so please don’t hold back! If we can throw a little FREE content out there every once in a while it’s no bad thing, right! Remember, sometimes it’s wonderful to Pay it Forward!

I had a tremendous response from yesterdays Blog!

If you missed it, fear not, it’s right here below! Hope you enjoy the read!


Next week i’m gonna throw out a few more, and the week after that too! We can maybe do a regular thing on the blog to go along with ‘That Monday Morning Bullshit‘ series!

I realise for some of my language can at times be a little ‘colourful’. I won’t apologise for cursing but I’ll try and tone that down if it’s a problem because at the end of the day, it’s a really important message and the more people that read and share, the better! 🙂

Ok, listen… i’ve got my In-laws coming in to Manchester Airport in about an hour and since i’m up crushing and at ’em – giving Saturday morning a run for it’s money I’m gonna go pick them up!

My in-laws are AWESOME! I’ll probably never be able to pay them back for everything they’ve done for my family, so i’ll start with the small things!

Keep your comments coming – it’s all very well received and much appreciated!

Remember, post your wish-list up and i’ll do my best along with my partner in crime Sean to get some awesome content up for you guys ASAP!

If you want to know how to apply to be a part of S&P Gym, just give THIS LINK a click <–

Have a great Saturday folks!

Your boy



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