Calling All Dads of 40 Years Plus of the Greater Stockport Area, Are You Feeling Tired, Lethargic And Weak?

Question: Are you a dad?

Are you 40 years old and over?

Do you live in the Greater Stockport Area?

Are you worried about getting older and weaker?

Maybe you’ve just hit the big 40… or maybe that’s long gone – you’re pushing towards 50 and it frightens the be-jesus out of you?

Concerned you won’t be able to keep that beer gut at bay for long?

Does the idea of keeping up with your kids in the park fill you with dread?

Are you one of those people who constantly talks a good game to your mates or your training partners, but deep down you know you’re just not putting in the hard yards?

Sound familiar?

You say your diet’s ok to anyone that will listen!

“Yeah, you know I eat prett clean about 90% of the time, but I eat pure junk the other 10%” 

Is this you? Be honest with yourself for a sec!

You know what you should be eating, but you just need someone to give you a guiding hand in the right direction or to check up on your progress on a regular basis – to make YOU accountable for your actions!

We’ve all been there, right?

It all sounds so easy to get that last bit of body fat off in order to achieve those gains you promised yourself you were going to get, but in reality here you are, 12 months later, still chatting the same old rhetoric to your fellow gym members over the bench press and nothing’s really changed – you’re still not in shape!

The kids are tugging at your arm; “daddy can we go to the indoor soft play this morning” – you dread those words… it’s getting increasingly tough keeping up climbing around while your kids disappear up some tiny space 10 steps infront of you, that you used to be able to fit through! You tell yourself it’s too late for you, and you’ve had your time but deep down you’re desperate to be back there in the front line – the Alpha dad!

Dads of 40 years plus of Greater Stockport; Don’t Panick! – take a chill pill and calm down ’cause help is at hand!

super dad1

Become A Super Dad Today!


Christmas is coming, and in anticipation of all the excuses coming out we’re throwing out a preventative call to action which we wouldn’t normally do, especially round this time of year!

We’re accepting applications to enroll onto our S&P Fit AND our Signature S&P Strong programs for the first 14 days in December!

Places will be limited and the doors will close on this offer on the December 14th!

We only want to work with people who take action, so if this is You then feel free to get in touch. and one of our team will get back to you to organise a FREE 30 min strategy session.

We want to ensure that you are a good fit for our program!

So what should you do now?….

Simply Click the link below, pop in some details for us and we’ll do the rest!


There, it’s done! Let us take it from here.

At S&P we’re to help make your life better by helping you get the results you deserve!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Here’s to your Good Health, Wellness & Strength in 2015


Sean & Z


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