Take This FR-EE Advice From Me!

Hey there,
Coach Zoran Dubaic here from S&P Gym, Stockport!
I hope you’ve had a Awesome Christmas period, and now you’re ready to ditch the excuses and get your sorry butts (back) in the gym pronto!
What i’m about to say may offend some people – hell, I just like to shoot straight from the hip, I don’t believe in tip-toe ing round folk, I just say it as it is!
If you don’t like it, that’s fine, feel free to hit the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of this e-mail.
If you want to be told you’re doing great all the time and that it’s ‘ok’ to be feeling sluggish, lethargic, over weight and underconfident then pleaase look away now!
I’m no Scrooge mind you; In fact I really do empathise deeply and ‘get’ that for a lot of people it can be intimidating to set foot in a ‘propper’ gym and take Action to solving a deep rooted problem!
But don’t give me any crap about starting in February when you’ve had time to “Get back in shape” – the idea of losing a pound or two by simply going for a jog twice per week before joining a credible results-orientated gym just won’t cut it! Period!
Listen, we speak to hundreds of people each year who go through the same routine; procrastinate about getting started, then join a crappy sub-standard ‘cheapo’ commercial gym and wonder why in 6 months they are still stuck in a huge rut that they can’t see a way out of!
“So what’s the magic pill” I hear you cry?
The truth is sometimes heard to take, but i’m afraid there really is NO easy way! Nor should you seek one out either… you want results you got to get off your ass and earn them!
You’ve got to be prepared to leave your mind open to allow you to make crucial changes in the way you perceive the importance of getting in shape – it’s not a commodity! It isn’t something you can just quit and then pick up whenever you feel like it!
Getting in the best shape of your life (and staying there) requires serious lifestyle change, commitment, dedication and most importantly BIG and lasting changes to your nutrition AND your training!
I’ve just finished watching some of the Worlds Strongest Man on tv. For those of you have never watched it I recommend it highly, if just to marvel at the dedication it takes to be able to reach the pinnacle of your chosen field!
Those guys didn’t get to some of the strongest guys on Earth simply by half-arsing it and not taking their training seriously! Think about it, nothing worth having comes easy!
** On January 1st 2015 we will re-open our application process to our 12 week Body Transformation Package [AND now our Signature Strength Program] for 10 New Clients ONLY! It will remain OPEN untill January 14th until 12pm GMT – after this time you will have to wait until February to apply! **

Remember, this is a strictly limited offer and it certainly is not for the many! We don’t accept everyone on to our programs at S&P – We only work with people who are committed and who urgently want to make big changes to their body shape! If you delay in taking action expect to be disappointed as once the 10 spaces are gone we will NOT be accepting any further New Clients on to our programs until February!


If that is YOU then all you need do is hit THIS LINK <– and it’s on! 


So I hope you got that!

Prepare to Take Massive Action Now and we look forward very much to meeting you and discussing your goals in 2015!

The first 10 Action Takers to apply will receive a FR-EE 15 minute Strategy Session (usually worth £££’s) where we will talk through your current position, your future goals and asses whether you will be suitable to join our current membership of no-excuse-making go-getters!

Take good care this New Years Eve and i’ll speak to you soon!




* ps We Hate Spam at S&P Towers – you won’t find any hard sells, up sells or gimmicks here. Plus we will Never Share any of your details with another party! *


From Zoran And Sean – A BIG Thank You

Hey there,

Zoran here from S&P Gym, Stockport!

I hope you’ve had a Great Christmas surrounded by close family and friends and are looking forward to taking your training to the Next Level in 2015!

I’ve been writing Blogs and sending out e-mails for a good while now. You will receive messages from me because you have opted in or signed up for various products or sefvices that we offer at S&P as part of our mission to constantly raise the bar in the UK Health & Wellness sector while continually evolving our systems to bring you the ultimate in gym based experiences…. but most importantly RESULTS! 

Hundreds upon hundreds of S&P advocates receive our regular Blogs, E-mail  and Newsletters and read the words and the content that myself and my partner in crime Sean Keefe put out there! The outpouring of positive feedback we get back from this is at times overwhelming, and saying “Thank You” won’t even come close to doing it justice!

You inspire us; To provide better content for YOU; To train harder in the gym; To develop more efficient and better systems so we can feed these directly back to you and keep delivering an unparalleled customer experience and superior results in and outside of the gym; To grow us to become better men. We are truly humbled every day to be allowed to do what we do!

Rest assured we work our asses off to give you AWESOME content (We’re not satisfied with ‘good’ – it’s not about just being ‘ok’) We take our dedication to your continued evolution as individuals very seriously indeed! We do this for YOU!

In the New Year Sean and I will be putting together some content to help put you on the right track to becoming the best version of yourself! It’s just our own special way of trying to say how grateful we are for your support. Think of it as a free gift with no strings attached – no hard sell, up sell or otherwise, just a small token of our appreciation!

We know we have the Best Job in the World and we have fulfilled and pretty awesome lives because of your support. You are guaranteed to love these free gifts when they hit the internet!

For now though if you’re looking to Take Massive Action and change your life for the better you’ll just have to connect with us through the normal chanels. We still have a Limited amount of spaces for new clients in January so if you’re out of shape and you’re serious about getting a butt kicking so you’re beach ready and smokin’ hot for June then we’re in business!

If that is YOU then all you need do is hit THIS LINK <– and it’s on! 

That’s all for now!

Here’s wishing you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

All the best!

Zoran & Sean

** ps We absolutely despise Spammers so please don’t bundle us in with that crowd. We will NEVER share any details with another party and we take pride in only delivering quality content **

I Messed Up On Sunday…. BIG TIME!

Hey there, Zoran here from S&P Gym, Stockport.

Last Sunday I delivered a call to action that I’ve never offered before at S&P Gym, Stockport:

I told you that we were keeping applications open until Christmas Eve at 2pm GMT and that we would be able to help a small amount (10) of action takers take the first crucial step to improving their lives for the better!

I’ll be honest with you, it’s very rare that we take on new clients so close to Christmas but it’s the season of good will and we’re all about helping people so

I thought what the heck – let’s do this!

When I checked back over my e-mails last night before I hit the hay I realised

in my exitement to get this offer out to you I made one fatal error!

I forgot to link the call to action properly – there was no link there!

What an idiot (probably not the first time i’ve been called that); The one most important thing to helping you get one step closer to achieving that dream set of abs, tighter bum and thighs, increased energy levels and stronger, leaner body wasn’t even there!

What a douche I am!

Although I’ve been receiving many positive e-mails from people who are loving the information and have been taking action on it, I couldn’t help thinking I owe it to you to extend this Limited Offer for another day until Christmas Day itself since no one could acrtually see the link on the e-mail!

So here’s the offer again, and i’ll be 100% accountable for my actions this time:

** We are now keeping our application process to our 12 week Body Transformation Package [AND now our Signature Strength Program] OPEN till December 24th until 12pm GMT – normally we would stop taking on new clients before January by Today, but we’re extending applications for the first time in over 5 years to YOU **

Remember, this limited offer is not for the many! We don’t accept everyone on to our programs at S&P – We only work with people who are committed and who urgently want to make big changes to their body shape!

If that is YOU then all you need do is hit THIS LINK <– and it’s on! 

 (It really works this time! lol) 

We will be capping applications to the FIRST 10 Action Takers who fill in the application form below and send it straight back to us siting why YOU should be picked for a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session (Value Mucho ££££s) to determine whether we can help you and if you are a good fit for our program (this is critical**)

If this all sounds good to you then the next move really is a simple one!

Have a Great Christmas Eve, Eve and I look forward to chatting with you really soon!

In Health


** We Hate Spam at S&P and we promise to Never Share your details **

Learn From Me – Do You Make These Mistakes?

Hey You!

Zoran Dubaic here, Co-Owner/Coach of S&P Gym, Stockport/ Entrepreneur/ Coffee Addict/ (Ex) Opera Singer/ General genuine nice guy – I hope!

Only two more sleepd till the big guy comes Amigo!

Hope you’ve got the mince pie, carrot and milk (brandy) ready for Santa, Rudolph & Co!

Christmas is coming and the anticipation is near fever pitch in my household with the two little ones and my wife who’s a BIG Christmas fan!

Over the last few days and weeks i’ve been pumping out a lot of calls to action (you may have noticed! lol) – it’s because we LOVE HELPING people like you!

No hard selling, cold calling, BS Marketing waffle… just the truth, plain and simple!

Every Saturday(ish) for the last few weeks i’ve dropped some insights into the many screw-ups i’ve made both in my life and my business! I’ve had some great feedback and I decided that I would keep them coming in small chunks so you can save yourself a whole heap of agro down the line!

If you missed the last installment, no worries simply CLICK HERE <<- and enjoy! 

Here’s Part IV, hot off the press for you to digest over a nice black cup of coffee this Tuesday afternoon! 5 more mistakes i’ve made in my Life and Business over the last 25 years or so! Enjoy:

** My current plan of attack that I adopt these days is below within the brackets! **

1) Trying To Be A Jack-Of-All-Trades (And Master Of None)!

(These days I stick to what I know and am best at! I know I can’t be a world beating tennis player, track star, singer, father, coach ALL at the same time! I economise my efforts where they are most needed so I don’t burn the candle too much at both ends)

2) Saying Things Before I Think

(Too many times my hot head has got the better of my senses. Nowadays I always take a deep breath and consider carefully my response. If it’s an e-mail response or a social media one I always let it brew for at least an hour – sometimes a whole day before I say something I may live to regret or that I can’t take back!)

3) Being Too Complacent With Valued Long Time Clients

(There’s a big difference between being comfortable and ‘familiar’ with long time clients and then being complacent! I always try to spend good quality time with my most long term clients as well as the new blood coming through the gym program. They are worth their weight in Gold when it comes to referals/recommendations which = business!)

4) Doing What I Think Is Right As Opposed To What Is Asked For

(In the fitness business I’ve found it crucial to listen attentively to what our clients want specifically and exactly! What I think may be right for them may not necessarilly always be what they WANT! We must become expert Listeners in our business)

5) Forgetting How Hard A Job Full Time Motherhood Is!

(Looking after a growing family by yourself when the man (woman) of the house is at work is no easy task I can assure you! I try to be sensitive from the second I put my foot through the door in the evenings no matter how tiring or stressful my day has been! You can bet your partner has been through the same and more!)

There you have it. 5 more mistakes i’ve made in my Life and my Business in no particular and without agenda or predjudice that I hope you can learn from!

If you find this blog useful please feel free to Share/RT amongst your friends, followers and peers!

I’ve enjoyed writing it – I hope you enjoy the read!

** Our Special Offer Closes on Christmas Evening at 12pm GMT. If you haven’t heard about it, we’ve EXTENDED our very rare offer of just 10 spaces into our application only 12 weeks Body Transformation Package AND our Signature Strength Program at S&P!  All you have to dop to apply is CLICK RIGHT HERE <<– and your prayers could soon be answered! 🙂 **

Good luck!

Catch you at the gym soon!

Rock on!


* ps We HATE Spammers and promise to NEVER Share your details with anyones! *

Don’t Make This Mistake After Christmas

Hey there,

Zoran Dubaic (Coach Z) Here, from S&P Gym, Stockport – if you’re local to us then we’re in Meadow Mill, behind the HUGE Tesco Extra off J27 M60! So now you know! 😉

I’m firing out a super quick Sunday call to action for YOU! Spelling/punctuation mistakes and everything!

I’ve got to be quick as Sunday is a BIG family day for me – I spend it with my wife and kids and NO business gets done unless it’s pre-planned way in advance or SUPER important!

Have you ever made a New Years Resolution to join the gym after Christmas?

The belt has tightened up over the festive period and your favourite pants just aren’t fitting snug any more?

You know you’ve been a pig over Christmas and you’ve promised yourself you’re going to start after January when you’ve hasd time to settle down into work a bit!

You’re feeling lethargic, lazy and a bit miserable but you still tell yourself it can wait and you’ve prioritised other things overt your health?

I feel your pain truly; I’ve spoken to lots of people just like you who have identified a problem but just can’t get past the fear of being seen in their gym gear by total strangers and are lacking a little self confidence after piling on the pounds!

I can relate BIG TIME believe me when I say that I speak from direct experience!

But…. this mindset is fatally FLAWED!

this was me at one stage in my life before I found a solid training regime and cleaned up my nutrition!

Look, i’m not here to prescribe; more to diagnose a very real problem that I see on nearly a daily basis!

I can also say with absolute confidence that we’ve been able to help more people this December who TOOK MASSIVE ACTION and joined our application only programs than since we started back in 2008!

If you know you’re not in shape and you desperately and URGENTLY want to make a move in the right direction then focus your eyes on the message below!

** We are keeping our application process to our 12 week Body Transformation Package OPEN till December 24th until 2pm GMT – normally we would stop taking on new clients before January by Today, but we’re extending applications for the first time in over 5 years to YOU **

We will be capping applications to the FIRST 10 Action Takers who fill in the application form below and send it straight back to us siting why YOU should be picked for a FREE 30 Minute Strategy (Worth £££s) Session to determine whether we can help you and if you are a good fit for our program (this is critical**)

All you need to do is CLICK THIS LINK <<– And all your prayers could soon be answered! 

Good luck Taking Action and becomming the Best version of Yourself!

Look forward to working with you ASAP!

Here’s to Your Results in 2015


ps ** We Hate Spammers at S&P so we will Never Share your details, and that’s a promise!**

I Nearly Quit The Fitness Business!!

I’ve been in this game for a good while now and I think it’s safe to say i’ve seen it all and (most probably) done it all!

There have been many good times and equally as many bad times!

I left the comfort of a full time salaried job 5 years ago, in the heat of the worst recession we’ve seen in this country since I don’t know when.

When everyone doubted me – called me ‘crazy’ and said it couldn’t be done!

My old bosses said some pretty hurtful things, and mocked my ability to do it…. but I proved them wrong, stuck at it and pushed ahead!

There were times when I felt like jacking it all in; people would always ask for deals, trying to haggle me down on the price – undermining the value of the problem they were actually seeking a solution for! They would test my resolve to HELP people constantly!

Now 5 years on and me and my best buddy Sean are helping the good folk of Cheshire (and beyond) and we LOVE it! The gym is Application Only, and we have a waiting list for some of our programs leading into January! 🙂

But it’s been no east ride, let me tell you!

People often lose sight of why they sign on to a serious program; for 99% it’s not about the gym itself, nor is about the equipment, or the people or even the coaches!

For almost every single person that comes through the door, it’s about getting a RESULT!

How you get to that result almost doesn’t matter – it’s the result that they are after! Period!

If you could still get the same result (or better) training only twice per week instead of three or four, wouldn’t you still take it? I know I would!

It’s all down to how much you want it and how much time, effort and money you allocate towards achieving your goals.

You simply CAN NOT half-arse it!

We only deal with Action Takers at S&P – People who understand the value of getting exactly where they want to be in the quickest, most efficient way possible and staying there!

We don’t work with whiners, complainers or people who don’t take their results seriously! Sure we have a great camaraderie in the gym – it’s a fun place to train after all, but at the end of the day we’re in the business of getting RESULTS, and you get what you pay for!

We’re fast approaching another Christmas now! I know we’re ready to rock and roll in my household because my wife has got it locked down! Without her no body in my family would get any presents at all!

If you’re sat about thinking of joining a gym and getting in shape before the New Year I have this piece of advice for you; Don’t Procrastinate – Do It Now!

We will still take on a few more applicants into the program but only the most dedicated need apply!

If that is YOU then all you need do is hit THIS LINK <– and it’s on! 

Look forward to hearing from you ASAP!

Your Very Good Health!


** ps We Hate Spam and promise to Never share any of your details with a third party **

5 More BIG Mistakes (seriously) I’ve Made In Life & Business!

So I missed a couple of days blogging over the weekend, and the reason is two-fold really:

1) We just crushed our first #SandPstrong (charitable) Raw Power Lifting meet this Saturday and raised over £300 in just under 3 hours for a very good local cause in ‘Mission Christmas’ which aims to provide the needy in Manchester with something to open this Christmas! Plus we collected some great toys which we will be delivering to Mission HQ later this morning!

2) Sunday was my kids trip to meet Santa on a special Santa Express train journey though Lancashire and I wasn’t about to spoil that by getting my laptop out! 🙂

Sometimes the business can just wait!  If it’s important/a good deal then it can surely wait for a few hours! Nothing is that important that it won’t wait; Very rarely anyway!

So as I type this to you, I’m sort of thinking about a few more things that i’ve learned from in my life and in my business that may be of use in terms of saving you a great deal of (unnecessary) angst and stress!

Here go my next 5 points for you to chew over! (brackets underneath indicate my outlook/preferred course of action these days)

1) Assumption Is The Mother Of All F-Ups! – some of my most epic screw-ups have come when I assumed (wrongly) that someone had my back!

(These days I never assume anything! There’s a quote I love: ‘Assume’ makes an [ass] out of [u] and [me] – so true! I always check, double and sometimes tripple check that whatever information I need to get through to another party has got there!

2) Not Communicating Enough! Maintaining radio silence is a sure fire way to an unhealthy relationship!

(Directly tied in with number 1 – if you don’t communicate effectively, things get lost in translation pretty fast, or misconstrued. These days in my life and my business I speak to people and try to shoot straight! i find it works better every time!  Communication Is King!

3) Believing My Own Hype 

(Having confidence in my ability and value is crucial to the successs of my business, but staying humble and grounded has kept food on the table and a roof over my head!)

4) Watching Too Much Trash TV! 

(News and reality tv rots the brain and poisons the soul! For me, I try to keep things either documentary based or pure fiction/fun. Everything else seems designed to either build you up, pull you down, F up your sleeping patterns or fill you with panic and fear! I limit tv watching to cuddling with my kids or my wife nowadays and to as little as possible per day)

5) Not Saying Sorry If I’ve Screwed Up! 

(Personally or in business I find it’s so important to fess up if you’ve made a boo boo! When I say ‘sorry’ I mean it from the most sincerest of places! If I don’t mean it, I don’t say it!)

So there you have it, 5 more very simple points that I have identified over the years and made steps to work on them.

If you’ve found this blog useful, please feel free to pass it on and share the love amongst friends and peers!

Till next time, stay safe, lift heavy and stay positive!


ps If you’re unhappy with your current fitness situation and you’re looking for a helping hand, we will be taking on a small number of new clients in the New Year, so if you think you’re suitable to join our program at S&P – hit the application link HERE <– and it’s ON!