This Morning I Did A Very Stupid Thing!

So check this out for stupidity; I just spent the last 35 minutes crushing a blog post about our December 13th Jingle Bell Lift!

It was going great and I was just getting to tagging that little beauty……

When mr ‘back-space’ reared it’s ugly head and wiped the whole thing from before my eyes!


So, my baby boy is up now and my wife too, so i’m calling time on this one and i’m going to throw out a Vlog later today with all the juicy deets!

This competition IS running, so don’t panick! I was just going to highlight a few small tweaks to the poa!

I’ve not Vlogged in forever, in fact it’s certainly not my favourite thing to do in the World! However, it’s a really quick and easy way for me to get the info out to you guys at home, so i’ll jump on my I-phone later and crank it out and re-post up on the blog later thismorning/early afternoon!

No ‘Monday Morning Bullshit’ today i’m afraid! Sorry to disappoint!

Check last weeks edition here <– if you fancy a read and need a kick up the ass this morning!

To find out how you can become part of S&P click here right away! <–

Take it easy and we’ll catch up later!




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