Kick That Negative Mindset Back To The Curb!

Negativity is like a cancer that eats you up from the inside out!

Steer clear of that mofo at every opportunity!

Negative people congregate towards one another!

Negativity breeds negativity – it can be a difficult mindset to break free from!

The last statement is so under-stated!

negativity 1

We’ve had to deal with the ‘C’ word recently in my family so I speak from experience when I say negativity is like a cancer!

You fight and fight, and unless you keep fighting it’s pretty damn tough to shake it off and beat it!

Let’s stick to the topic at hand though for now!

In the absense of a ‘That Monday Morning Bullshit’ Blog yesterday I thought I would fullfill a request from one of our members about giving my own personal take on shaking off a negative mindset when you’re having a blip!

Everything has been going great and you’ve been focussing on thinking positive thoughts and all the good points in your life, but one small thing has come up and it’s maybe set you bacj a little bit. It could be something like you’ve had a shitty week of eating, or just a bad day at the gym! Maybe someone has said something negative at work that’s got you thinking!

I bring it ALL back to your end result, every single time!

Where do you want to be?

Are you happy with your current position… your life, your job etc?

If you’re not on the right path towards truly fixing the deep rooted issues you have then you’re possibly never really going to fix that problem and remove all speed bumps to your happiness!

It’s only my personal opionion based on my experiences can I just add at this point! I’m no qualified therapist or Neuro-Linguistic Programmer… that’s not me; but I do have a lot of experience with negativity and depression and self doubt, so i’d like to think i’m comfortable speaking from this place and i’m a real life example of someone who now sees clearly and doesn’t allow myself to slip back to those dark places! Not EVER!

Sure, there will be testing times ahead; there may be illness or family traumas to content with, but i’ll take that on the chin!

Sure people will try to drag me back to the bad places i’ve been because maybe they can’t stand to see me succeed or do well. But instead of believing their poison, i’ll just smile and push on through!

negativity 2

Why? because i’ve got clarity in my life, and I know where i’m going!

You’ve got to really sit down, take some deep breaths, maybe put your favourite happy song on the tablet and make a list of people you would like to thank for helping you get to this point in your life! Be grateful for what you have and accept that there are many people who are actually rooting for you, and willing you to be happy and kick-ass in your life!

Your true friends will tell you how it is, sure – that’s ok! You don’t want to be told you’re amazing all the time cause that’s not real life! But you have to surround yourself with positive people who ‘get it’ cause those people will build you up instead of dragging you down!

Cut the negative people out of your life, if there are any! Period! Done! Gone! Out!

Hit the road Jack-ass!!

Better luck trying to drag some other sucker down with you on your negativity roller coaster, cause this ‘friend’ ain’t having it! No sir!

negativity 3

When negative thought comes a knocking, open the door, tell them you’re not interested thank you very much, then shut the door, lock that baby and throw the key away!

It will be tough sometimes!

You will get the cravings to slip back from time to time!

But like cancer, you’ve got to want to beat it!

I 100% believe that we are all INCREDIBLE!

We’re all amazingly adaptable to change if we just let ourselves have our minds open!

If you close the door (and for some it is a choice) and don’t try new things to help you change for good then you are setting yourself up for a fail!

“It won’t work for me!”

Maybe it will if you really believe that you want it to work! Don’t be narrow minded and close yourself off to all the wonderful help that’s out there!

negativity 4

If this blog has helped you at all i would love to hear from you!

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I made a bit of a booboo yesterday on the Blog!

I got too carried away and deleted nearly an hours work in a second!

If you’re wanting to find out about our Jingle Bell Chrismas Lift on December 13th, I posted up a Vlog on the S&P Inner Circle last night. I’ll repost on our main page shortly so if you want to get involved in that please simply click the link below and it’s on!

Make sure you enroll by clicking the link below and leave your name, age, weight and which of the 3 lifts (dead Lift, squat and Bench) you would like to enter. Entry is now FREE and spectators will be asked to make a small donation which we will put directly to a charity of our choice TBC.

Enroll me into the #SandPstrong Jingle Bell Christmas Lift on December 13th at S&P Gym, Stockport, SK12BY

Excuse the link – it’s not the right one but it’ll do for now! 🙂

Have a Great Tuesday guys!

Catch you on the flip side!




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