The Most Powerful Thing You Never Knew About!

Have you ever cleaned your oven?

I mean really cleaned that sucker… like a deep clean?

Stay with me cause i’m coming back to a very important point later!

So you’ve got all the big name brands out from under the stairs; Holy S**t, it’s about t get serious!

You’ve even made a special trip to the supermarket to pick up some recommendations from your mother-in-law!

We’ve been here a few times in my household…. sorry let me back up just a sec, rather my wife and my own mother-in-law has! I stay well away from deep cleaning the oven… I think I might be allergic! 😉

Anyway, you throw the kitchen sink at the job, trying to get that bad boy as clean as you can. You start on product X and then 5 minutes later you’ve swapped to the next cream or powder etc!

My buddy Sean had his oven done professionally by some guy the other day.

He showed me the before and the after pic, then asked me a question:

“What do you think he used to get it clean?”

I named a few big name brands I could think of. All of them containing various lethal and probably corrosive agents!

He let us sweat for a minute or two with a wry grin on his face before the big reveal;

“Lime Juice!”

The strongest substance he used to restore Sean’s once soot-coated oven came from the humble Lime; the Lime that you add to your Corona (other beers are great too!) on a Saturday night!!

There’s a very useful message here that if you switched off right after I asked about cleaning your oven, you will have missed!

You’ll here me say this a lot – in fact you’ll here both me and Sean say this in the gym a whole lot!


Are you a serial program flitter; never content to stick to a well constructed plan for more than 12 weeks at a time?

Do you like to add in loads of fancy BS to pad out your work-outs in the hope that you’re going to get the gains you were promised when you signed on?

Do you flit from fad diet to fad diet from month to month and never get anywhere?


Just keep it simple!

There’s an acronym (I used to hate acronyms at my old job) ‘K.I.S.S’

If you know what it means then you’ll know what i’m on about!

We can learn a lot from the humble lime; repeated application of a simple product/program/diet plan = powerful action!

We’ll be cranking out more on the blog later – we’ve got some more info on our Charity Fund-raiser ‘The #SandPstrong Jingle Bell Christmas Lift’

We want to raise £1000.00 – yep you heard right, One Thousand big ones for a good cause! We’re still receiving suggestions from you guys so we will reveal who will benefit shortly!

Stay tuned for this one; look out for our post on Facebook and Twitter also!

In the mean time, if you’re looking to find out more info about S&P Gym, or you want to take the plunge and apply for a space on our programs CLICK HERE <—

Look forward to connecting with you really soon!

Stay safe this Wednesday!

Catch you on the flip-side!



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