Friday Is Just Another Day To Get Better!

Do You Live For The Weekend?

Clock-watching from 9am – 5pm on a Friday?

Counting every hour, on the hour and squeezing out as many toilet breaks as possible, just to make the time pass quicker? ]

Is this YOU?

I can relate big time!

I’ve had a few jobs I didn’t like either in my time – we’re all there at the end of the day to get paid so we can look after our own. That’s the bottom line. We wouldn’t do it for free, right?

You’re there at your desk, slaving away for the (wo)man; Your back is starting to hurt cause you’ve been sat hunched over like an orangutan for the last 7 hours and your feet have gone numb due to lack of blood flow!

You’ve now got a headache cause you’ve drank waaaay too much crap coffee, and all you can think about is hitting the town tonight and spending your last dime in the world on a big boozy bender!

Sound familiar?

I know i’ve been there!

I remember one job I had involved picking and packing and sending out all manner of crazy sugar-flower items in a beat up old mill which was supposed to be haunted! Come Winter it was so cold inside (with heating blasting) you would be in three layers, a hat and gloves and you’d still be spine-numbingly cold!

The actual job sucked!

However, the people were AWESOME! And I got through the days by singing (loudly) in my best psuedo opera voice which helped pass the time!

Probably not the best example to use cause my boss Dot was super-cool and like a second (or third) mum (I have picked up a few surrogate mums over the years) – but my point being it certainly wasn’t the career path I would have chosen for myself… it was simply a means to an end!

But I did used to look forward SO MUCH to that 4pm last delivery van rocking up and taking those parcels out of my hand. I was so happy to get back home and relax over the weekend or go out, and I always struggled to get up on Monday morning with either a hangover or just because I was a lazy bum! Either way, I didn’t like what I was becomming at that point in my life!

Doing something you don’t love or have a passion for SUCKS!!

It’s All About Mindset!

Why should Friday have to be the day we all look to as the end of the working week?

It isn’t for some people… in fact I bet it’s pretty much 50/50 with people who actually work ‘week-ends’ – whatever that means!

For me, weeks just keep rolling by; it’s all part of the journey! We either get on board lifes roller coaster ride and hang on tight, or we get off after the first go and go and settle for the tea cups cause it’s the safe option!

Why settle for the safe option when you can be thrilled and entertained AND PAID for doing what you’re passionate about?

“It’s alright for you, you love training!”

“It’s ok for you to say, but i’ve got to earn a living – i’ve got bills to pay!”

People say to me daily…

I agree, you do have bills to pay, but would you rather pay them with money earned from enjoyment and passing on knowledge or mindlessly repeating something you might have been taught at Uni?

(don’t drop out of University on my account will you….!)

For me, Friday is just another day to get better!

This Friday, I will become a better dad!

This Friday I will train harder!

This Friday I will tell my wife I love her! ** Tip: Why don’t you all give that one a try just every once in a while! Go and buy her a nice bunch of flowers just because…. you’ll be surprised at the reaction! 😉

This Friday don’t think of work as the end of your working life – think of it as a means to an end; a stepping stone to the next phase of your life!

If you’re 100% happy with your lot, then that’s cool too – but you can’t whinge and complain when the chips are down because you’re not in charge of your own destiny, and at the end of the day that’s your deal!

I’m comfortable where i’m at right now and I love what I do…. so it is easy for me! It’s also tough as hell too!

Do yourselves a favour, don’t clock-watch today! Instead try and use your free head space to have a think about your future! Do you have a master plan? If not, why not?

Fail To Plan; Plan To Fail!

Just think about it!

Have a great Friday people!

More from me tomorrow!



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