5 Big Mistakes I’ve Made In Life And Business Part 2

So after receiving loads of positive feedback from last weeks post (check the link below if you missed it), as promised here is 5 more Big Mistakes I’ve Made In Life And Business Part 2.

For Part 1 click below


I’ll back up just a sec for those of you who might be visiting the blog for the first time! We like to throw out a real mixture of topics on this blog. If you’re a regular you will know what I mean!

Not everyone likes to always here about who’s lifting what max or who’s lost the most weight in the gym etc etc… so you’ll find blogs on this site on everything from real life stories to motivational get-up-off-your-lazy-ass type of articles to more fact based posts and calls to action!

I’m Z, Co-Owner and Strength Coach at S&P Gym, Stockport (where ALL the magic happens!) – I LOVE to write, share my experiences and HELP people improve their lives through better physical activity, lifestyle change and positive mindset!


That’s me on the right with my fellow Co-Owner and Health & Wellness sensai Sean Keefe! Just so you guys know who’s writing what etc!

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Back to the blog; so yeah, I pumped out the first edition last friday and it went down really well!

As I was writing it up I thought to myself, I could literally write over 1000 points, but that would probably make for a pretty boring article so I thought 5 would be a good nunmber to stick to so I keep you guys attention for a few minutes over your morning cuppa!

Here goes: Brackets below each point contain my solutions that I implement these days!

6) Dropping Everything For Work

(I’ve lost count of the number of times i’ve run out the door to a meeting or dropped everything for a Facebook post etc. Nowadays I constrict my quality work time into times when my wife and kids are in bed sleeping. No more missed rehearsals or swimming practise! The laptop comes out again when they are either out or in bed! [unless it’s pre-scheduled and very important])

7) Not Valuing My Close Friends Enough

(I’m making a conscious effort to connect with my longest and dearest friends on a more regular basis. Your true friends are always there – until they’re not!)

8) Being A ‘Yes Man’

(Sometimes telling people what they want to hear has come round and bitten me in the ass! I’m a straight shooter for the best part nowadays, and it saves me heaps of unwanted agro!)

9) Getting Suckered In To Believing Everything I Hear

(I’ve developed a BS-Ometre that I use when taking advice from people who’s lives I probably wouldn’t want to model my own on. I listen to the good bits and discard all the fluff. These days i’m way less more gullible and innocent in my business)

10) Not Giving Enough Back

(There was a time when everything had to have a benefit in kind otherwise I wouldn’t be interested. I’ve mellowed more in my 30’s – it’s good to do things for free sometimes, when it’s for the greater good. I’m just better at selecting for what or for whom)

So there you have it, my easy peasy to understand next 5 Big Mistakes I’ve Made In Life And Business. Nothing too complex in there I hope, and in no particular order!

If there’s enough demand I will certainly keep pumpin these out every Friday or Saturday for a run. Let me know what you think as always!

We threw out two blogs last week that have sent my in-box loopy!

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The second one went out two days ago and i’ve been getting back to candidates yesterday and no doubt there will be more today! Check it below:


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That just about does it from us!

Today we’re celebrating our 5th Annual Christmas Bash with our Inner Circle Family!

It’s gonna be CRAZY!!

Wherever you are today, whatever you have planned… have an AWESOME one!




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