Must Read – The Art Of ‘Manning Up’ And Becoming A Dad For The Third Time!

Have You Ever Just Thought To Yourself; ‘I Need To Man The F Up’?

You wake up and the first thing that comes into your head is how tired you are?

The second thing that comes into your head is that you don’t want to get up and go to work?

You’re constantly lethargic like a Sloth with an Under-active Thyroid problem?

You can’t help feeling like you’re just not working hard enough in the gym? (I hear that one a lot!)

You could have a serious case of ‘Man-up-itis’ – Things are not good!

I can definitely relate; there have been many times in my life where i’ve been close to ‘jacking it all in’ – quitting my job cause’ it sucked and stopping training because it was too much like hard work!

The truth is nothing that comes easy is worth any real value!

If being the greatest track sprinter in the World was easy, every mofo would run like Usain Bolt!

If being an Entrepreneur was easy, everyone would be making Benjamins like Jeff Bezos!

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy!

And nor should it!

Looking back to gym-based training for results for a second, the same is absolutely true as well! I’ve blogged on the subject quite a bit recently, so I won’t go over old ground this morning – but you get what I’m saying, right?

Set a goal, commit to the program, and put in Work = Results!

Here are a few of our past blogs which you may find of use! Simply click on the links to access the knowledge! 🙂

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This one is certainly very topical given todays subject! Hope you find it useful to help light that fire under your butt!

Sometimes we have to dig down deep into the real nitty gritty stuff to get the answers we need to push on and blast through these negative plateaus we sometimes find ourselves in!

Once you really understand exactly what you want to achieve and you commit yourself to making things better, then the whole plan comes into play – and it can help to see more clearly, no matter how depressing your future may seem to be at this exact moment in time!

But you need to be 100% honest with yourself with your situation right now!

Don’t pretend everything is ‘ok’ when really it’s far from ok…if you try to convince yourself that you’re happy with the way you look and feel, for example then you won’t be able to help yourself move forward! Do a bit of soul-searching and be brutally honest with yourself! I guarantee you’ll feel so much better when it comes to finding the right solution!

So I don’t use the term ‘Man-up’ in a derogatory way when I say it – please don’t mis-understand me here! It simply means to get real with yourself and don’t hold back when commiting to making positive change! Every negative thing you can think of will have a positive flip-side, and for me it’s all about exploiting that and shutting off the negative thought processes!

It’s Not Supposed To Be Easy Though! So Don’t Forget That Bit!

Speaking of things not being easy…..


I’m pregnant again!!!

Not me personally (obvs’) but my wife Amanda is expecting our third bundle of fun!

I wasn’t quite so thrilled when I found out, i’ll be completely honest with you – only because I think i’ve only just got used to how much harder 2 kids are than 1 to manage and spend equal time with etc and I was quite content with our little unit!

But now it’s going to be growing by 1, and I can honestly say that i’m thrilled and exited! But I think 3 is the limit for me…. i think! 🙂

Just thought I would share that piece of news with everybody! I’m sorry if it seems like a sucky way of announcing this kind of thing, but for me it’s better than drip-feeding it down to every one I know and this way i’ll save my already strained vocal chords so it’s a double bonus! 🙂

It’s time for me to ‘Man Up’ once again and handle my business – and that’s just what I intend to do! My tribe is growing and they will need a strong role model and leader (who am i kidding…’leader’! lol) if we are to succeed and prosper together as a solid unit!

As a completely unrelated side note, you might notice a slight slowing down of the volume of content I’ll be sharing on the Blog moving forwards into January and beyond! I’m not getting sloppy – far from it in fact I merely want to start drilling down into the detail and focussing more on quality versus quantity!

As always I would gratefully receive any feedback!

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Take Care, Comb Your Hair! (Thanks Zach Even-Esh)

Get after it this Monday and we’ll catch you on the flip-side!



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