BIG Announcement Coming Soon For S&P Inner Circle Members!

Hey Guys!

Hope everyone’s preparing to get up and get after it this fine, cold Tuesday morning!

Grab you’re dressing gown, throw on some sunggly warm slippers and put a good blend on the brew (or maybe a nice cup of Green Tea is more your thing!) cause’ we’re getting ready to unleash the news you’ve all been waiting patiently for!

It’s going to be a short one this morning as there’s much to do – hope you’ll forgive me, but making sure we give you guys the best Results possible has always been the most important thing to us!

At S&P we’re in the business of getting You RESULTS, It’s as simple as that! You all come to the gym to get specific Results, otherwise why would you be here, right?

How many times have You joined a commercial gym and wandered around aimlessly time after time with no instruction, no programming, no care for your wellbeing? You might have lost a pound or two by jumping on a treadmill every now and again but it’s hard to motivate yourself and pretty soon you end up right back where you started from and then some! This situation is not acceptable!

We’ve seen it many times before and it’s sort of what motivated us to develop our unique systems that are specifically designed to target those areas of pain you’ve all been telling us about and help you find that motivation to push through all barriers to getting in the best shape of your life!

It will soon be another year – another set of broken New Years resolutions and we’re on the verge of making a BIG announcement to our Inner Circle S&P Family! Something that will blow all past results out of the water!

It’s the perfect time to roll out our new timetable and our all new training packages and we CAN’T WAIT to bring this info to you guys! We’re literally like kids at Christmas (it’s gonna be our early pressie to all of you privileged S&P Inner Circle Members!) – we’re SO exited to bring the next level SandPfit Body Transformation Programs and our Signature SandPstrong Program so you can all Skyrocket your success, sculpt your bodies and generally improve your lives no end!

But i’m gonna hold back on the reins just a sec – we don’t wanna just give you all the good stuff on the Blog.. Noooo way! So ssshh don’t tell just yet… stay glued to the Inner Circle FaceBook Page and you’ll get the Masterplan very soon!

Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Train like you mean it today! Christmas is coming and if you want to eat all that Christmas pud and mince pies you need to EARN IT! Don’t use this time of year as an excuse for getting sloppy and lazy – it won’t wait untill next year! Don’t put coming to gym off, use these next couple of weeks to get leaner, stronger etc – whatever you want to do and limit the damage over the festive period!

We’ll be closed around Christmas/New Year to give all our Members a well earned break so we can go hard in January and kick more ass than ever before!

Look out for the Christmas Playlist in the gym this week and next week (it’s never too early! lol) and don’t be a Scrooge…. you don’t have to love it but some of the guys do so be open minded – get your head right and you can train to any type of music! 🙂

Catch you all on the flip side!

If you’re on the roads remember to take care, it’s icy out there!



ps if you’re desperate to make some important changes to your diet and your sick of getting mediocre results, you might want to click on this link and Take Action before spaces fill up for January! 

pps if you want to get involved with our Charity Fundraiser ‘The SandPstrong Jingle Bell Christmas Lift’ in association with KEY103 Mission Christmas 2104 please apply HERE <–

** We Hate Spam and will Never share any of your details with another party **


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