5 More BIG Mistakes (seriously) I’ve Made In Life & Business!

So I missed a couple of days blogging over the weekend, and the reason is two-fold really:

1) We just crushed our first #SandPstrong (charitable) Raw Power Lifting meet this Saturday and raised over £300 in just under 3 hours for a very good local cause in ‘Mission Christmas’ which aims to provide the needy in Manchester with something to open this Christmas! Plus we collected some great toys which we will be delivering to Mission HQ later this morning!

2) Sunday was my kids trip to meet Santa on a special Santa Express train journey though Lancashire and I wasn’t about to spoil that by getting my laptop out! 🙂

Sometimes the business can just wait!  If it’s important/a good deal then it can surely wait for a few hours! Nothing is that important that it won’t wait; Very rarely anyway!

So as I type this to you, I’m sort of thinking about a few more things that i’ve learned from in my life and in my business that may be of use in terms of saving you a great deal of (unnecessary) angst and stress!

Here go my next 5 points for you to chew over! (brackets underneath indicate my outlook/preferred course of action these days)

1) Assumption Is The Mother Of All F-Ups! – some of my most epic screw-ups have come when I assumed (wrongly) that someone had my back!

(These days I never assume anything! There’s a quote I love: ‘Assume’ makes an [ass] out of [u] and [me] – so true! I always check, double and sometimes tripple check that whatever information I need to get through to another party has got there!

2) Not Communicating Enough! Maintaining radio silence is a sure fire way to an unhealthy relationship!

(Directly tied in with number 1 – if you don’t communicate effectively, things get lost in translation pretty fast, or misconstrued. These days in my life and my business I speak to people and try to shoot straight! i find it works better every time!  Communication Is King!

3) Believing My Own Hype 

(Having confidence in my ability and value is crucial to the successs of my business, but staying humble and grounded has kept food on the table and a roof over my head!)

4) Watching Too Much Trash TV! 

(News and reality tv rots the brain and poisons the soul! For me, I try to keep things either documentary based or pure fiction/fun. Everything else seems designed to either build you up, pull you down, F up your sleeping patterns or fill you with panic and fear! I limit tv watching to cuddling with my kids or my wife nowadays and to as little as possible per day)

5) Not Saying Sorry If I’ve Screwed Up! 

(Personally or in business I find it’s so important to fess up if you’ve made a boo boo! When I say ‘sorry’ I mean it from the most sincerest of places! If I don’t mean it, I don’t say it!)

So there you have it, 5 more very simple points that I have identified over the years and made steps to work on them.

If you’ve found this blog useful, please feel free to pass it on and share the love amongst friends and peers!

Till next time, stay safe, lift heavy and stay positive!


ps If you’re unhappy with your current fitness situation and you’re looking for a helping hand, we will be taking on a small number of new clients in the New Year, so if you think you’re suitable to join our program at S&P – hit the application link HERE <– and it’s ON! 


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