I Nearly Quit The Fitness Business!!

I’ve been in this game for a good while now and I think it’s safe to say i’ve seen it all and (most probably) done it all!

There have been many good times and equally as many bad times!

I left the comfort of a full time salaried job 5 years ago, in the heat of the worst recession we’ve seen in this country since I don’t know when.

When everyone doubted me – called me ‘crazy’ and said it couldn’t be done!

My old bosses said some pretty hurtful things, and mocked my ability to do it…. but I proved them wrong, stuck at it and pushed ahead!

There were times when I felt like jacking it all in; people would always ask for deals, trying to haggle me down on the price – undermining the value of the problem they were actually seeking a solution for! They would test my resolve to HELP people constantly!

Now 5 years on and me and my best buddy Sean are helping the good folk of Cheshire (and beyond) and we LOVE it! The gym is Application Only, and we have a waiting list for some of our programs leading into January! 🙂

But it’s been no east ride, let me tell you!

People often lose sight of why they sign on to a serious program; for 99% it’s not about the gym itself, nor is about the equipment, or the people or even the coaches!

For almost every single person that comes through the door, it’s about getting a RESULT!

How you get to that result almost doesn’t matter – it’s the result that they are after! Period!

If you could still get the same result (or better) training only twice per week instead of three or four, wouldn’t you still take it? I know I would!

It’s all down to how much you want it and how much time, effort and money you allocate towards achieving your goals.

You simply CAN NOT half-arse it!

We only deal with Action Takers at S&P – People who understand the value of getting exactly where they want to be in the quickest, most efficient way possible and staying there!

We don’t work with whiners, complainers or people who don’t take their results seriously! Sure we have a great camaraderie in the gym – it’s a fun place to train after all, but at the end of the day we’re in the business of getting RESULTS, and you get what you pay for!

We’re fast approaching another Christmas now! I know we’re ready to rock and roll in my household because my wife has got it locked down! Without her no body in my family would get any presents at all!

If you’re sat about thinking of joining a gym and getting in shape before the New Year I have this piece of advice for you; Don’t Procrastinate – Do It Now!

We will still take on a few more applicants into the program but only the most dedicated need apply!

If that is YOU then all you need do is hit THIS LINK <– and it’s on! 

Look forward to hearing from you ASAP!

Your Very Good Health!


** ps We Hate Spam and promise to Never share any of your details with a third party **


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