Don’t Make This Mistake After Christmas

Hey there,

Zoran Dubaic (Coach Z) Here, from S&P Gym, Stockport – if you’re local to us then we’re in Meadow Mill, behind the HUGE Tesco Extra off J27 M60! So now you know! 😉

I’m firing out a super quick Sunday call to action for YOU! Spelling/punctuation mistakes and everything!

I’ve got to be quick as Sunday is a BIG family day for me – I spend it with my wife and kids and NO business gets done unless it’s pre-planned way in advance or SUPER important!

Have you ever made a New Years Resolution to join the gym after Christmas?

The belt has tightened up over the festive period and your favourite pants just aren’t fitting snug any more?

You know you’ve been a pig over Christmas and you’ve promised yourself you’re going to start after January when you’ve hasd time to settle down into work a bit!

You’re feeling lethargic, lazy and a bit miserable but you still tell yourself it can wait and you’ve prioritised other things overt your health?

I feel your pain truly; I’ve spoken to lots of people just like you who have identified a problem but just can’t get past the fear of being seen in their gym gear by total strangers and are lacking a little self confidence after piling on the pounds!

I can relate BIG TIME believe me when I say that I speak from direct experience!

But…. this mindset is fatally FLAWED!

this was me at one stage in my life before I found a solid training regime and cleaned up my nutrition!

Look, i’m not here to prescribe; more to diagnose a very real problem that I see on nearly a daily basis!

I can also say with absolute confidence that we’ve been able to help more people this December who TOOK MASSIVE ACTION and joined our application only programs than since we started back in 2008!

If you know you’re not in shape and you desperately and URGENTLY want to make a move in the right direction then focus your eyes on the message below!

** We are keeping our application process to our 12 week Body Transformation Package OPEN till December 24th until 2pm GMT – normally we would stop taking on new clients before January by Today, but we’re extending applications for the first time in over 5 years to YOU **

We will be capping applications to the FIRST 10 Action Takers who fill in the application form below and send it straight back to us siting why YOU should be picked for a FREE 30 Minute Strategy (Worth £££s) Session to determine whether we can help you and if you are a good fit for our program (this is critical**)

All you need to do is CLICK THIS LINK <<– And all your prayers could soon be answered! 

Good luck Taking Action and becomming the Best version of Yourself!

Look forward to working with you ASAP!

Here’s to Your Results in 2015


ps ** We Hate Spammers at S&P so we will Never Share your details, and that’s a promise!**


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