Learn From Me – Do You Make These Mistakes?

Hey You!

Zoran Dubaic here, Co-Owner/Coach of S&P Gym, Stockport/ Entrepreneur/ Coffee Addict/ (Ex) Opera Singer/ General genuine nice guy – I hope!

Only two more sleepd till the big guy comes Amigo!

Hope you’ve got the mince pie, carrot and milk (brandy) ready for Santa, Rudolph & Co!

Christmas is coming and the anticipation is near fever pitch in my household with the two little ones and my wife who’s a BIG Christmas fan!

Over the last few days and weeks i’ve been pumping out a lot of calls to action (you may have noticed! lol) – it’s because we LOVE HELPING people like you!

No hard selling, cold calling, BS Marketing waffle… just the truth, plain and simple!

Every Saturday(ish) for the last few weeks i’ve dropped some insights into the many screw-ups i’ve made both in my life and my business! I’ve had some great feedback and I decided that I would keep them coming in small chunks so you can save yourself a whole heap of agro down the line!

If you missed the last installment, no worries simply CLICK HERE <<- and enjoy! 

Here’s Part IV, hot off the press for you to digest over a nice black cup of coffee this Tuesday afternoon! 5 more mistakes i’ve made in my Life and Business over the last 25 years or so! Enjoy:

** My current plan of attack that I adopt these days is below within the brackets! **

1) Trying To Be A Jack-Of-All-Trades (And Master Of None)!

(These days I stick to what I know and am best at! I know I can’t be a world beating tennis player, track star, singer, father, coach ALL at the same time! I economise my efforts where they are most needed so I don’t burn the candle too much at both ends)

2) Saying Things Before I Think

(Too many times my hot head has got the better of my senses. Nowadays I always take a deep breath and consider carefully my response. If it’s an e-mail response or a social media one I always let it brew for at least an hour – sometimes a whole day before I say something I may live to regret or that I can’t take back!)

3) Being Too Complacent With Valued Long Time Clients

(There’s a big difference between being comfortable and ‘familiar’ with long time clients and then being complacent! I always try to spend good quality time with my most long term clients as well as the new blood coming through the gym program. They are worth their weight in Gold when it comes to referals/recommendations which = business!)

4) Doing What I Think Is Right As Opposed To What Is Asked For

(In the fitness business I’ve found it crucial to listen attentively to what our clients want specifically and exactly! What I think may be right for them may not necessarilly always be what they WANT! We must become expert Listeners in our business)

5) Forgetting How Hard A Job Full Time Motherhood Is!

(Looking after a growing family by yourself when the man (woman) of the house is at work is no easy task I can assure you! I try to be sensitive from the second I put my foot through the door in the evenings no matter how tiring or stressful my day has been! You can bet your partner has been through the same and more!)

There you have it. 5 more mistakes i’ve made in my Life and my Business in no particular and without agenda or predjudice that I hope you can learn from!

If you find this blog useful please feel free to Share/RT amongst your friends, followers and peers!

I’ve enjoyed writing it – I hope you enjoy the read!

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Good luck!

Catch you at the gym soon!

Rock on!


* ps We HATE Spammers and promise to NEVER Share your details with anyones! *


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