I Messed Up On Sunday…. BIG TIME!

Hey there, Zoran here from S&P Gym, Stockport.

Last Sunday I delivered a call to action that I’ve never offered before at S&P Gym, Stockport:

I told you that we were keeping applications open until Christmas Eve at 2pm GMT and that we would be able to help a small amount (10) of action takers take the first crucial step to improving their lives for the better!

I’ll be honest with you, it’s very rare that we take on new clients so close to Christmas but it’s the season of good will and we’re all about helping people so

I thought what the heck – let’s do this!

When I checked back over my e-mails last night before I hit the hay I realised

in my exitement to get this offer out to you I made one fatal error!

I forgot to link the call to action properly – there was no link there!

What an idiot (probably not the first time i’ve been called that); The one most important thing to helping you get one step closer to achieving that dream set of abs, tighter bum and thighs, increased energy levels and stronger, leaner body wasn’t even there!

What a douche I am!

Although I’ve been receiving many positive e-mails from people who are loving the information and have been taking action on it, I couldn’t help thinking I owe it to you to extend this Limited Offer for another day until Christmas Day itself since no one could acrtually see the link on the e-mail!

So here’s the offer again, and i’ll be 100% accountable for my actions this time:

** We are now keeping our application process to our 12 week Body Transformation Package [AND now our Signature Strength Program] OPEN till December 24th until 12pm GMT – normally we would stop taking on new clients before January by Today, but we’re extending applications for the first time in over 5 years to YOU **

Remember, this limited offer is not for the many! We don’t accept everyone on to our programs at S&P – We only work with people who are committed and who urgently want to make big changes to their body shape!

If that is YOU then all you need do is hit THIS LINK <– and it’s on! 

 (It really works this time! lol) 

We will be capping applications to the FIRST 10 Action Takers who fill in the application form below and send it straight back to us siting why YOU should be picked for a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Session (Value Mucho ££££s) to determine whether we can help you and if you are a good fit for our program (this is critical**)

If this all sounds good to you then the next move really is a simple one!

Have a Great Christmas Eve, Eve and I look forward to chatting with you really soon!

In Health


** We Hate Spam at S&P and we promise to Never Share your details **


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