From Zoran And Sean – A BIG Thank You

Hey there,

Zoran here from S&P Gym, Stockport!

I hope you’ve had a Great Christmas surrounded by close family and friends and are looking forward to taking your training to the Next Level in 2015!

I’ve been writing Blogs and sending out e-mails for a good while now. You will receive messages from me because you have opted in or signed up for various products or sefvices that we offer at S&P as part of our mission to constantly raise the bar in the UK Health & Wellness sector while continually evolving our systems to bring you the ultimate in gym based experiences…. but most importantly RESULTS! 

Hundreds upon hundreds of S&P advocates receive our regular Blogs, E-mail  and Newsletters and read the words and the content that myself and my partner in crime Sean Keefe put out there! The outpouring of positive feedback we get back from this is at times overwhelming, and saying “Thank You” won’t even come close to doing it justice!

You inspire us; To provide better content for YOU; To train harder in the gym; To develop more efficient and better systems so we can feed these directly back to you and keep delivering an unparalleled customer experience and superior results in and outside of the gym; To grow us to become better men. We are truly humbled every day to be allowed to do what we do!

Rest assured we work our asses off to give you AWESOME content (We’re not satisfied with ‘good’ – it’s not about just being ‘ok’) We take our dedication to your continued evolution as individuals very seriously indeed! We do this for YOU!

In the New Year Sean and I will be putting together some content to help put you on the right track to becoming the best version of yourself! It’s just our own special way of trying to say how grateful we are for your support. Think of it as a free gift with no strings attached – no hard sell, up sell or otherwise, just a small token of our appreciation!

We know we have the Best Job in the World and we have fulfilled and pretty awesome lives because of your support. You are guaranteed to love these free gifts when they hit the internet!

For now though if you’re looking to Take Massive Action and change your life for the better you’ll just have to connect with us through the normal chanels. We still have a Limited amount of spaces for new clients in January so if you’re out of shape and you’re serious about getting a butt kicking so you’re beach ready and smokin’ hot for June then we’re in business!

If that is YOU then all you need do is hit THIS LINK <– and it’s on! 

That’s all for now!

Here’s wishing you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

All the best!

Zoran & Sean

** ps We absolutely despise Spammers so please don’t bundle us in with that crowd. We will NEVER share any details with another party and we take pride in only delivering quality content **


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