Take This FR-EE Advice From Me!

Hey there,
Coach Zoran Dubaic here from S&P Gym, Stockport!
I hope you’ve had a Awesome Christmas period, and now you’re ready to ditch the excuses and get your sorry butts (back) in the gym pronto!
What i’m about to say may offend some people – hell, I just like to shoot straight from the hip, I don’t believe in tip-toe ing round folk, I just say it as it is!
If you don’t like it, that’s fine, feel free to hit the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of this e-mail.
If you want to be told you’re doing great all the time and that it’s ‘ok’ to be feeling sluggish, lethargic, over weight and underconfident then pleaase look away now!
I’m no Scrooge mind you; In fact I really do empathise deeply and ‘get’ that for a lot of people it can be intimidating to set foot in a ‘propper’ gym and take Action to solving a deep rooted problem!
But don’t give me any crap about starting in February when you’ve had time to “Get back in shape” – the idea of losing a pound or two by simply going for a jog twice per week before joining a credible results-orientated gym just won’t cut it! Period!
Listen, we speak to hundreds of people each year who go through the same routine; procrastinate about getting started, then join a crappy sub-standard ‘cheapo’ commercial gym and wonder why in 6 months they are still stuck in a huge rut that they can’t see a way out of!
“So what’s the magic pill” I hear you cry?
The truth is sometimes heard to take, but i’m afraid there really is NO easy way! Nor should you seek one out either… you want results you got to get off your ass and earn them!
You’ve got to be prepared to leave your mind open to allow you to make crucial changes in the way you perceive the importance of getting in shape – it’s not a commodity! It isn’t something you can just quit and then pick up whenever you feel like it!
Getting in the best shape of your life (and staying there) requires serious lifestyle change, commitment, dedication and most importantly BIG and lasting changes to your nutrition AND your training!
I’ve just finished watching some of the Worlds Strongest Man on tv. For those of you have never watched it I recommend it highly, if just to marvel at the dedication it takes to be able to reach the pinnacle of your chosen field!
Those guys didn’t get to some of the strongest guys on Earth simply by half-arsing it and not taking their training seriously! Think about it, nothing worth having comes easy!
** On January 1st 2015 we will re-open our application process to our 12 week Body Transformation Package [AND now our Signature Strength Program] for 10 New Clients ONLY! It will remain OPEN untill January 14th until 12pm GMT – after this time you will have to wait until February to apply! **

Remember, this is a strictly limited offer and it certainly is not for the many! We don’t accept everyone on to our programs at S&P – We only work with people who are committed and who urgently want to make big changes to their body shape! If you delay in taking action expect to be disappointed as once the 10 spaces are gone we will NOT be accepting any further New Clients on to our programs until February!


If that is YOU then all you need do is hit THIS LINK <– and it’s on! 


So I hope you got that!

Prepare to Take Massive Action Now and we look forward very much to meeting you and discussing your goals in 2015!

The first 10 Action Takers to apply will receive a FR-EE 15 minute Strategy Session (usually worth £££’s) where we will talk through your current position, your future goals and asses whether you will be suitable to join our current membership of no-excuse-making go-getters!

Take good care this New Years Eve and i’ll speak to you soon!




* ps We Hate Spam at S&P Towers – you won’t find any hard sells, up sells or gimmicks here. Plus we will Never Share any of your details with another party! *


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