Happy New Year!

Here we are on the second of January and another year has passed us by!

Say Goodbye to 2014 – that ship has sailed!

Prepare for the best year ever, this is your year to make those crucial changes – it’s time to get Serious!

We’ve made a successful career out of helping people get fantastic and dramatic changes in their body composition – we just love to help people like you look and feel awesome! It must be in our DNA!

2014 was a great year for us but now we’re looking forward to kicking more butt than ever before and helping more people than ever before so we’re gonna start as we mean to go on in January with delivering a little good New Years cheer!

We’re accepting 10 lucky people into our gym this January and it could be You! All we’re asking is that you are open to changing your mindset towards your training and your nutrition…. that’s it in a nutshell!

Of course we don’t come cheap – but you knew that anyway since you’ve been subscribing to our e-mail content for some time now! We don’t do cheap, we do expensive… crazy as it sounds I know but that’s the crucial thing; you get what you pay for in this game!

So do yourself a big favour this January; steer clear of fly-by-night bootcamps and one hit wonders! Watch out for cheap pass-offs and be wary when it sounds too good to be true!

Our 12 Week Body Transformation Program is open NOW to 10 applicants ONLY before we close our application process till February. We only want to work with people who value the price of getting RESULTS! If you’re a serial procrastinator or a whiner, our programs probably won’t be for you – we get that and we understand that not everyone is ready to take the S&P Way to their dream body/lifesytle….

It takes HARD WORK and Dedication after all!

You’ve got to be in it to win it so…

If this sounds like You then all you need do is hit THIS LINK <=== and it’s on right away! 

There, that’s pretty easy and straight forward wouldn’t you agree? 

Have a Great Friday! 



*ps We Hate Spam and promise to never rent, share or sell your details to another party…. Ever! *


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