From Zero To Hero One Step At a Time

So you’ve probably heard me beating the positivity drum for a quite a while now on the S&P Blog/E-mails etc…. it’s nothing new!

But we’re here on Monday the 5th January in 2015 and for some people that you know and love (maybe it’s you) this is when times can really get rough and you need someone to offer some light at the end of a seemingly dimly lit tunnel!

Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – I wish I could tell you it was… but unfortunately not for everybody (me included) all of the time so if my words help you just a little to see a brighter future then my work is most certainly done!

tony robbins 1

You see I love to help people make a better life for themselves! For the last decade or so it’s been my hobby, my passion and my life. Working in a commercial gym setting you get to help a lot of strangers on a daily basis which is cool in many ways, but for the last 5 years i’ve got to help many hundreds of people on a much more intimate basis at S&P Gym, Stockport which I own with my best buddy Sean Keefe aka ‘The Sensai’

So that example covers mainy helping people in a fitness/strength sort of way – and for many of you thats a huge, huge help. To help someone achieve a result in the gym, whatever that result may be can be the most rewarding feeling there is!

For those who just need a shoulder to cry on every once in a while, or just to see a friendly face or someone to talk to over a coffee  and then burn some stress off from their lives, the gym can be a truly wonderful place! We get to help people in so many ways and it’s always rewarding, big time!

I guess the actualy point of this blog (you’ll get used to my rambling style eventually! haha) is that if you are one of those people who just needs a little help and support in getting your life back on track, then we’re here for you! No gimmicks, no sales, no pushy stuff… either through the blog, or the gym or our Youtube/social media chanels, we’re here to help and that’s the bottom line!

chinese proverb success

We all go through ups and downs in life, that’s just the nature of the beast! I know that from my personal (often painful) experiences that by setting some very personal and specific goals and getting my head stuck into a consistent training routine that I tend to feel a lot better! That rush when it’s all done and you’re catching your breath is quite unexplainable in words!

So do yourself one tiny favour this afternoon while you’re at your desk, doing what you do and have a think about setting a few goals. Maybe a couple of life goals, or business goals for the year… that’s always a good start. Or bring it back to the gym if that’s what you want most of all to attain a better physique.. whatever – just have a good think then most importantly of all prepare to Take Action!

Talk is Cheap!

Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done! 🙂

Whatever you decide to do, don’t do it for anyone else per se…. firstly do it for you!

It’s ok to be a little selfish every now and again!

If you feel like you’re at ground zero then that’s no bad thing in some respects. It merely means everythin you do from this day forth will be positive and constructive progress towards your goal!

Sieze the day and get ready to get after it!

Give thanks for your health and for those around you who are willing you to succeed! Be thankful for the roof over your head and for ther food you eat.

Have a great Monday!



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