Pay It Forward

Hey, Zoran here..

Coming to you loud and live from my kitchen aka ‘The Office’

I hope you’re having a great day wherever you are this cold wintery Tuesday?

So the other day I was scrolling through some of the older blogs on various booboos I might have made at some point or another in my fairly chequered past!

I’m always looking for new ways of becoming a better person – to improve myself as a human being – to be a better dad to my kids and a better husband to my wife etc… that stuff really gets me going!

I guess one of my highlight mantras for 2014 was to Pay It Forward, meaning if you have a load of information and you know some people may benefit by reading the written word, or maybe hearing what you have to say then it’s sorta selfish to keep it all to yourself!

Why not share every now and again?

I’m not talking about divulging ALL the good stuff or sharing your most intimate secrets of course, merely sharing the love now and again and help enrich other peoples lives for the better.

Of course not everyone will benefit; not everyone will like everything I have to say… but for those of you who do, for those of you who ask for more insights into certain areas i’m always more than happy to give!

Like I always say if it helps just one person find a little comfort or clarity in their lives then it’s most certainly worth it! 🙂

There’s a quote I love:

pay it forward 1

I remember reading a story about a guy who had reached the end of his tether – he could see no way out so had decided to take his own life by jumping off a high bridge at a local beauty spot.

Just as he arrived at the bridge and had just pulled himself up onto the railings, a car full of people drew up. In the back was a little girl about 5 years old.

As the car passed she caught the mans eye and simply smiled at him.

In an instant that one smile from a total stranger changed that mans whole perspective on his situation – and he climbed down off the bridge.

Later it was discovered that the man felt so alone and almost invisible to people – he thought no one cared and didn’t think anyone would miss him if he departed.

Just one random and tiny act of kindness saved his life that day!

Paying It Forward could be something as simple as passing on a little joy and happiness to those who are struggling!

Give it a try on a total stranger and I bet you’ll be surprised at the reaction!

Have a grrrrreat day!



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