Are You Following These No-Brainer Diet Principles


Zoran Dubaic here,

Hope you had a rockin’ weekend!

Now that all the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over its probably time to start eating clean and living that healthy lifestyle again. This is a very open topic as I hear the word ‘healthy’ being thrown around all over the place….. it can be confusing with these crazy fad diets, nutrition plans and detox ‘juice only’ ideas… lot’s of conflicting advice out there!

With me so far?

No doubt you have tried the basic things like cutting out the junk food including the big one… Sugar!

Maybe you’ve tried to eliminate processed food and tried to have a diet comprising of good quality protein and earth-grown fruits and veggies.

If so then i’m telling you that you’re on the right track to a better and more healthier you.

So what should I do now, you ask?

Well, once you are doing all the basics (above) right then why not start trying these uber simple steps to start finally creating the body that you want.

  1. Track your protein – You can download a real little gem of an App called ‘MyFitness Pal’. On here you can input all your daily food and it will tell you how many (grams) you have eaten that day of Carbohydrates (Carbs), Fats and Protein. So the one I want you to keep an eye on is the Protein.

For men you should try and hit at least 1g per pound of bodyweight

For women you should try and hit at least 0.75g per pound of bodyweight

2 Rotate your Carbohydrates – When I talk about Carbohydrates I am talking about good quality ones such as potatoes, rice, oats, butternut squash, quinoa and not the simple sugars you find in lots of other food.

* Rotating in this instance simply means mix your Carbs up – don’t just stick to one of the sources above

# Simple Tip

So in terms of your fitness/strength training; Try to eat more Carbs on a day that you’ve hit the gym and on a day when you haven’t done any exercise try to eat less.

* But remember when you eat less Carbs as on a day you haven’t trained, just make sure you eat a bit more Fat, i.e from nuts, seeds, avocados etc… Sounds crazy but try it!

Again you can use the MyFitness Pal App to monitor the amount of Carbs you take in on a daily basis – Easy Peasy, right?

Give this a try for the next 4 weeks and see if you notice any changes in your body or energy levels

You’ll here the diet gurus talk about how fat loss is 90% diet and 10 % training…. or is it 70% diet and 30% training… I forget which stat we’re on these days.

Important thing to remember is that you need BOTH in your life to really fulfill your true potential and finally get that body you deserve!

Have a Great Friday and let me know how you get on!

Yours in Health & Wellness


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