From Zoran.. Do You Need This

Hey, Zoran here!

How was your weekend?

Good I hope!

Feeling well rested and ready to attack Monday with avengeance? … Hope so!

It’s gonna be quick and painless this morning….

My computer needed a systems overhaul big time so i’ve been running security checks galore and now i’m up against it to throw out a message before the school run!

Atm i’m a 2.4 children family…. with a third on the way (I swore two was enough at one stage!) so I’m starting to wise up a little when it comes to organisation. This is something I used to suck at big time and I have to say i’m still faaaaar from perfect! lol…. i’ll get there though!

I was thinking to myself the other day, If I had just one gambit for the day/week/year what would it be?

We all live these sometimes crazy, manic lifestyles with kids, family, work, holidays etc… so how do we all cope? It’s a wonder sometimes with all the pesimism and negativeity we see all around us!

Sometimes the odds are stacking in a seemingly insurmountable way against us….

When faced with such problems I sometimes think back to the Blockbuster Movie 300!

I’m sure there are (probably) many inaccuracies in the telling of the story but the message behind the CGI is pretty Powerful!

Those guys just had an unshakable confidence in their ability to Kick Persian Ass!

They approached everything with a Do or Die attitude and I think we can all learn a great deal from them!

‘Live Your Life Like A Spartan’

I guess that would be it for me…. just pick the good bits of course!

Be about it and don’t take any shyt!

Hope you have a great one today!



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