Thank You Zach Even-Esh

Hey, Zoran here!

For the last 5 years (it’s our official 5th Birthday this Feb) S&P Co-Founder Sean Keefe and myself have been delivering extraordinary results with hundreds of our clients at our base on the ground floor in Meadow Mill, Stockport!

It’s been a Blast!

But i’m not here to tell you about our Unique Systems our Ninja training methods or our Unrivalled Atmosphere…. No!

I’m gonna tell you a short story (if you’ll let me) about how an Inspiration dude from the United States of America back in October of 2008 lit a fire underneath our butts and made us realise that we could (and should) leave the comfort of the corporate umbrella and strike out on our own to make our mark on the Fitness business!

On a bitterly cold October evening, Sean and I stepped off our Virgin Flight to Newark – we had arrived in the mother of all apples.

We stayed with a friend that night… I can tell you we barely slept a wink! Partly because the floor wasn’t all that comfy…. but mainly because we were hyped up to attend one of the early Underground Strength Certifications!

Some of you will know what i’m talking about before I even say the name…

This guy needs little or no introduction

zach even esh 1

The Man The Myth The Legend

The thing about Zach Even-Esh is that he radiates a sort of aura… it’s hard to explain really, but the guy is a machine!

A no BS-talking, friendly, warm, inspirational, motivational, CAN DO, don’t-give-me-that-crap kinda guy… just one badass hard working machine!

Just his smile and voice are infectious and i’m sure anyone that has had the pleasure of spending quality time in his company would definitely agree!

We had been following Zach on Youtube and the web for a little while before we decided to make the jump across the pond.

The intensity he brings to every aspect of his life is quite remarkable, and we could all learn a thing or two.

You can Never have too much Passion for something if you truly believe in it and Zach really exemplifies this

He just loves to Kick Ass – Period!

In his life and business there (probably) isn’t a harder working more genuine guy that loves to help his clients achieve Awesome results and lead better lives! If there is then I don’t know of one!

The bottom line for me is this…

If Zach hadn’t reached out to us from The Dirty Jersey (I cringe now with embarassment when I think how we asked for a double discount!) we might never have got S&P off the ground and I certainly wouldn’t be sat about in my pjs writing this 🙂

So ‘Thank You Zach Even-Esh’

I know i’ve probably said this before, but i’ve got no problem at all in repeating myself…


That’s about as deep and meaningful as i’m gonna get on a Thursday morning lol.

We will return to Jersey one day in the not too distant future and we will reconnect.

Maybe we’ll stop by and throw some weight about and train like savages… that would be pretty sweet!

We’ll swap stories and reminisce about that cold October USC Cert that (probably) changes the World for ever!

I’m joking of course, but seriously…. it changed ours, I know that much!

If you don’t know Zach or you don’t enjoy being motivated to do great things then his e-mails, blogs, videos and courses will NOT be for you… if you are easily offended then his stuff will NOT be for you!

I’ll save you the trouble of being disgruntled!

However, if you’re interested in Taking Action in improving your mindset and living a more fulfilled and prosperous life, I highly recommend you get signed up to Zachs e-mails at the very least!

FYI we have absolutely NO vested interest whatsoever and we’re not selling anything, merely spreading a little love about thhe big guy!

If you would like us to help kick-start your fitness regime with a ‘Bang’ in 2015 then i’ll drop a link in below for you to enter some details. We’re all about helping You be a better person and change your life by finally delivering the results you’ve always desired but maybe never quite managed to achieve!

If that sounds good then you know what to do 🙂

I’d better sign off now as my eldest will have to be up for school soon!

You take care and have a Great day this Thursday!

Catch ya later!


We would love to Help You Kick-start Your Nutrition/Fitness/Weight-loss Goals In 2015 Click to find out how <<==


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