Fire Your Commercial Gym

Ok so now I have your attention…

I spoke to you a few weeks back about getting what you pay for when it comes to taking your health and well being seriously!

‘Pay Cheap, Pay Twice’…. remember?

You can check the full blog here if you missed it! 🙂

For me (and no doubt many of you reading this) getting, and more importantly staying in kick-ass shape is probably pretty high up on the agenda, am I right….?

We all want it secretly, yet somehow we manage to hoodwink ourselves and tell everyone who will listen that we’re actually perfectly fine with the way things are at the minute!

We’ve all just had Christmas etc etc… it’s Winter and we need the extra warmth etc etc… sound familiar?

Anway, that’s not exactly the point but you get what i’m saying!

There’s always a problem with investing in a ‘cheap’ product…. well more than just the one problem..

For me the main one is that people rarely take action with any kind of urgency when paying a ridiculously low price for a gym…. some of the mass-procution outfits these days are practically giving you free memberships these days.

The result is that after the Honeymoon period has worn off in as little as 30 days, you start to show up less and less to the gym, and then you start to not show up at all.

BINGO! For the owners! They’ve hit pay dirt (gold mining analogy) – ergo they make truck loads of cash while you sit at home making excuses for why you didn’t go! They have a quiet gym and rake in the moolah while you tell all your mates how you’re taking it easy in case you peak too soon!

Now that does that scenario ring any bells?

Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t but I can tell you this, i’ve seen the stats on this and they don’t make for a comfortable read!

So what do you do now?

Well can you remember what you did the last time you felt you were paying for a service but weren’t using it?

Maybe you subscribed to the Sport Channels on Sky and you just feel like you’re not using them now…. you get rid! Simple

You call them up and tell them you no longer use their services and now you’re off to check out the competition!

It’s that Simple!

Don’t let them keep their claws into you if you’re not going and you have no intention of going regularly… who’s that helping? It certainly isn’t you!

Fire them Today – Do it now!

I’m not here to sell you a spot in our gym – they’re actually not that easy to earn after all, and the price may make you do a double take!

That’s fine though, I know we’re not for everyone! But we do represent great value for your hard-earned $$

Food for thought on this cold Tuesday morning!

Have a good one!




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