You’re An Asshole

The Other Week I Was That D***head Who Drove Through  A Puddle And Soaked Two Innocent Bystanders!!

Now before you all get your pants in a twist and e-mail in and bad mouth me on Facebook, first give me two seconds to back track just a little. You see I didn’t do it intentially…

Oh, so that makes it ‘OK’ then you curse… you hate that guy!

What a douche!


But seriously, I actually never intended to soak those two people – in fact the whole experience left me feeling extremely remorceful for a good while afterwards.

Thing is that it was on a particularly miserable night. I was driving home (in the dark). The rain was lashing it down and visability wasn’t that great.

I was tired!

As I drove through my local surburban town on the final stretch of my journey home I came towards a couple walking the same way I was driving…..

they didn’t even see it coming!

Neither did I… and that’s what sort of vindicates me of being that A-hole, well at least a tiny bit.

As I drew level out of the corner of my eye I literally just saw this huge puddle by the kerbside

What happened next was absolutely unavoidable…

Despite my BEST efforts to swerve at the last minute (which incidentally made me look like I had actually aimed for that puddle and those two happless strangers) I hit the water at 30 mph…

I can still picture the force with which that water arced towards them, and even more so the way with which they tried to leap out of the way – it’s happened to me before and it’s not nice!

For a split second I genuinely thought about pulling in and apologising profusely.

But I didn’t think it would help!

Whichever way you looked at it I looked guilty as charged!

But I genuinely was mortified!


Over the next couple of days I tried to do a few good deeds (little things) like letting people out of side roads, something we should all try more by the way!

Gradually the guilt subsided.

It feels good to do good once in a while – just to help your fellow (wo)man. It really doesn’t take much time out of your day.

We’re all in so much of a rush these days.

Busy doing nothing and going Nowhere fast – stuck in traffic 24/7 (sometimes).

So why not give your fellow citizen a helping hand every now and again – don’t be that Asshole that never lets anyone out on the school run!

Yeah YOU…

You know who you are!

Give others a helping hand and instead of selfishly thinking about yourself ALL the damn time, try to work as a team.

So where the heck am I going with this..?

We all want the same thing (most of the time) – we’re all after a Result… whether that be getting to work on time, or Dropping 10 Lbs of Body Fat in the gym.

If we work together and support each other (not be a bunch of A-holes, in other words) we can get it done with less stress & more efficiently.. and in a more enjoyable way too!


Food for thought anyway on a Thursday morning!

Catch you on the flip side


ps Missed this ninja-style Blog from the other day – No problem

pps Want to discover how we can help YOU become more Awesome? <- it’s simple!


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