Thank You Zach Even-Esh

Hey, Zoran here!

For the last 5 years (it’s our official 5th Birthday this Feb) S&P Co-Founder Sean Keefe and myself have been delivering extraordinary results with hundreds of our clients at our base on the ground floor in Meadow Mill, Stockport!

It’s been a Blast!

But i’m not here to tell you about our Unique Systems our Ninja training methods or our Unrivalled Atmosphere…. No!

I’m gonna tell you a short story (if you’ll let me) about how an Inspiration dude from the United States of America back in October of 2008 lit a fire underneath our butts and made us realise that we could (and should) leave the comfort of the corporate umbrella and strike out on our own to make our mark on the Fitness business!

On a bitterly cold October evening, Sean and I stepped off our Virgin Flight to Newark – we had arrived in the mother of all apples.

We stayed with a friend that night… I can tell you we barely slept a wink! Partly because the floor wasn’t all that comfy…. but mainly because we were hyped up to attend one of the early Underground Strength Certifications!

Some of you will know what i’m talking about before I even say the name…

This guy needs little or no introduction

zach even esh 1

The Man The Myth The Legend

The thing about Zach Even-Esh is that he radiates a sort of aura… it’s hard to explain really, but the guy is a machine!

A no BS-talking, friendly, warm, inspirational, motivational, CAN DO, don’t-give-me-that-crap kinda guy… just one badass hard working machine!

Just his smile and voice are infectious and i’m sure anyone that has had the pleasure of spending quality time in his company would definitely agree!

We had been following Zach on Youtube and the web for a little while before we decided to make the jump across the pond.

The intensity he brings to every aspect of his life is quite remarkable, and we could all learn a thing or two.

You can Never have too much Passion for something if you truly believe in it and Zach really exemplifies this

He just loves to Kick Ass – Period!

In his life and business there (probably) isn’t a harder working more genuine guy that loves to help his clients achieve Awesome results and lead better lives! If there is then I don’t know of one!

The bottom line for me is this…

If Zach hadn’t reached out to us from The Dirty Jersey (I cringe now with embarassment when I think how we asked for a double discount!) we might never have got S&P off the ground and I certainly wouldn’t be sat about in my pjs writing this 🙂

So ‘Thank You Zach Even-Esh’

I know i’ve probably said this before, but i’ve got no problem at all in repeating myself…


That’s about as deep and meaningful as i’m gonna get on a Thursday morning lol.

We will return to Jersey one day in the not too distant future and we will reconnect.

Maybe we’ll stop by and throw some weight about and train like savages… that would be pretty sweet!

We’ll swap stories and reminisce about that cold October USC Cert that (probably) changes the World for ever!

I’m joking of course, but seriously…. it changed ours, I know that much!

If you don’t know Zach or you don’t enjoy being motivated to do great things then his e-mails, blogs, videos and courses will NOT be for you… if you are easily offended then his stuff will NOT be for you!

I’ll save you the trouble of being disgruntled!

However, if you’re interested in Taking Action in improving your mindset and living a more fulfilled and prosperous life, I highly recommend you get signed up to Zachs e-mails at the very least!

FYI we have absolutely NO vested interest whatsoever and we’re not selling anything, merely spreading a little love about thhe big guy!

If you would like us to help kick-start your fitness regime with a ‘Bang’ in 2015 then i’ll drop a link in below for you to enter some details. We’re all about helping You be a better person and change your life by finally delivering the results you’ve always desired but maybe never quite managed to achieve!

If that sounds good then you know what to do 🙂

I’d better sign off now as my eldest will have to be up for school soon!

You take care and have a Great day this Thursday!

Catch ya later!


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We Are S&P – We Are A Gym Like No Other


Zoran here – Co-Founder & Strength Coach at S&P Gym, Stockport!

It’s been a while since we posted any video content on our Youtube Channel – so just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years, here’s what we’ve been up to lately! Check it below 🙂

“But Zoran, this is just the same old shyt that you’ve been posting up for years of people kicking more A** than ever before and making a positive impact on their lives!”

Nothing new right – we’re not here to crow about how good our systems are or how much kit we have or our training methods…. none of that stuff matters really….

…..Unless you have an idea of where you are going!

This Case Study should better illustrate what I mean!

The facts don’t lie after all!

So really we’re genuinely not here to brag about how good we are, Seriously… you can make up your own mind on that one!

There’s a saying that goes something like this:

‘You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family’

At S&P we are a big family in many ways – everybody pulls together to Motivate and Inspire the next member to push the envelope every time we train.

We all strive for one thing…. RESULTS!

I can speak with 100% confidence that you want a specific result when you come to us… but it’s sometimes hard to uncover or admit that maybe things aren’t as rosey as you would like to believe!

That’s ‘OK’

We want to help You get one step closer to kicking mucho butt in 2015 – that’s our passion!

Lucky for You!

Have a Great Tuesday and we hope you enjoy our latest training compilation!

See you soon

Zoran & Sean @ #TeamSandP

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From Zoran.. Do You Need This

Hey, Zoran here!

How was your weekend?

Good I hope!

Feeling well rested and ready to attack Monday with avengeance? … Hope so!

It’s gonna be quick and painless this morning….

My computer needed a systems overhaul big time so i’ve been running security checks galore and now i’m up against it to throw out a message before the school run!

Atm i’m a 2.4 children family…. with a third on the way (I swore two was enough at one stage!) so I’m starting to wise up a little when it comes to organisation. This is something I used to suck at big time and I have to say i’m still faaaaar from perfect! lol…. i’ll get there though!

I was thinking to myself the other day, If I had just one gambit for the day/week/year what would it be?

We all live these sometimes crazy, manic lifestyles with kids, family, work, holidays etc… so how do we all cope? It’s a wonder sometimes with all the pesimism and negativeity we see all around us!

Sometimes the odds are stacking in a seemingly insurmountable way against us….

When faced with such problems I sometimes think back to the Blockbuster Movie 300!

I’m sure there are (probably) many inaccuracies in the telling of the story but the message behind the CGI is pretty Powerful!

Those guys just had an unshakable confidence in their ability to Kick Persian Ass!

They approached everything with a Do or Die attitude and I think we can all learn a great deal from them!

‘Live Your Life Like A Spartan’

I guess that would be it for me…. just pick the good bits of course!

Be about it and don’t take any shyt!

Hope you have a great one today!



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From Zoran – Your F-R-E-E Super-Food Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Hey, Zoran here

You may have read my blog/email on No Brainer Nutrition Tips which I dropped on Friday.

If not, don’t sweat it, you can catch up on that by Clicking this link <<==

And believe me, they really are so simple it’ll make you scratch your head at why you haven’t been following them before!

Like I alluded to in the post above, however, as important (ney vital) having a good clean diet is in getting great results in terms of stripping away unwanted Body Fat, losing 1/2 a stone or simply packing on a little good quality muscle to improve the shape and feel….. you still have to get the right formula in the gym too!

But i’m not gonna bore ya with all that jazz today – I’m merely going to throw a r-e-e-e-eally simple to make and delicious breakfast smoothie recipe that you’re gonna love to try this morning!

I’ve been trying some new recipes out recently…. you can tell what I got off Father Christmas this year! 😉

This one’s quick and easy and all you need is a decent blender (we love the Nutri Bullet at S&P) plus a few simple ingredients.

‘Nuts About Nutrition’ Super-Food Smoothie

You will need:

1 cup Almond Milk/Brown Rice Milk

Handful Blueberries (other preferred dark fruits will do)

1 tsp Milled Flax Seed

1 tsp dried goji berries (avaliable widely from most big stores)

1/2 tsp raw cacao powder (see above)

1 scoop high quality whey protein (either chocolate or something with as few artificial flavourings and colouring as possible) ** You can certainly substitute whey for either hemp, pea or other good sources of protein.

A dash of raw, organic manuka honey to sweeten (if you fancy – it’s certainly a lot better than adding a big dollop of sugar to your shake, if it’s a little bitter!)

So there you have it; nothing fancy, right?

Real simple!

Just a little simple smoothie to start the day with if you need to be up and out of the house with minimum time to cook your eggs etc!

It’s on me…. for free! And there’s more where that came from!

Have a Great restful Weekend!



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Are You Following These No-Brainer Diet Principles


Zoran Dubaic here,

Hope you had a rockin’ weekend!

Now that all the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over its probably time to start eating clean and living that healthy lifestyle again. This is a very open topic as I hear the word ‘healthy’ being thrown around all over the place….. it can be confusing with these crazy fad diets, nutrition plans and detox ‘juice only’ ideas… lot’s of conflicting advice out there!

With me so far?

No doubt you have tried the basic things like cutting out the junk food including the big one… Sugar!

Maybe you’ve tried to eliminate processed food and tried to have a diet comprising of good quality protein and earth-grown fruits and veggies.

If so then i’m telling you that you’re on the right track to a better and more healthier you.

So what should I do now, you ask?

Well, once you are doing all the basics (above) right then why not start trying these uber simple steps to start finally creating the body that you want.

  1. Track your protein – You can download a real little gem of an App called ‘MyFitness Pal’. On here you can input all your daily food and it will tell you how many (grams) you have eaten that day of Carbohydrates (Carbs), Fats and Protein. So the one I want you to keep an eye on is the Protein.

For men you should try and hit at least 1g per pound of bodyweight

For women you should try and hit at least 0.75g per pound of bodyweight

2 Rotate your Carbohydrates – When I talk about Carbohydrates I am talking about good quality ones such as potatoes, rice, oats, butternut squash, quinoa and not the simple sugars you find in lots of other food.

* Rotating in this instance simply means mix your Carbs up – don’t just stick to one of the sources above

# Simple Tip

So in terms of your fitness/strength training; Try to eat more Carbs on a day that you’ve hit the gym and on a day when you haven’t done any exercise try to eat less.

* But remember when you eat less Carbs as on a day you haven’t trained, just make sure you eat a bit more Fat, i.e from nuts, seeds, avocados etc… Sounds crazy but try it!

Again you can use the MyFitness Pal App to monitor the amount of Carbs you take in on a daily basis – Easy Peasy, right?

Give this a try for the next 4 weeks and see if you notice any changes in your body or energy levels

You’ll here the diet gurus talk about how fat loss is 90% diet and 10 % training…. or is it 70% diet and 30% training… I forget which stat we’re on these days.

Important thing to remember is that you need BOTH in your life to really fulfill your true potential and finally get that body you deserve!

Have a Great Friday and let me know how you get on!

Yours in Health & Wellness


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Pay It Forward

Hey, Zoran here..

Coming to you loud and live from my kitchen aka ‘The Office’

I hope you’re having a great day wherever you are this cold wintery Tuesday?

So the other day I was scrolling through some of the older blogs on various booboos I might have made at some point or another in my fairly chequered past!

I’m always looking for new ways of becoming a better person – to improve myself as a human being – to be a better dad to my kids and a better husband to my wife etc… that stuff really gets me going!

I guess one of my highlight mantras for 2014 was to Pay It Forward, meaning if you have a load of information and you know some people may benefit by reading the written word, or maybe hearing what you have to say then it’s sorta selfish to keep it all to yourself!

Why not share every now and again?

I’m not talking about divulging ALL the good stuff or sharing your most intimate secrets of course, merely sharing the love now and again and help enrich other peoples lives for the better.

Of course not everyone will benefit; not everyone will like everything I have to say… but for those of you who do, for those of you who ask for more insights into certain areas i’m always more than happy to give!

Like I always say if it helps just one person find a little comfort or clarity in their lives then it’s most certainly worth it! 🙂

There’s a quote I love:

pay it forward 1

I remember reading a story about a guy who had reached the end of his tether – he could see no way out so had decided to take his own life by jumping off a high bridge at a local beauty spot.

Just as he arrived at the bridge and had just pulled himself up onto the railings, a car full of people drew up. In the back was a little girl about 5 years old.

As the car passed she caught the mans eye and simply smiled at him.

In an instant that one smile from a total stranger changed that mans whole perspective on his situation – and he climbed down off the bridge.

Later it was discovered that the man felt so alone and almost invisible to people – he thought no one cared and didn’t think anyone would miss him if he departed.

Just one random and tiny act of kindness saved his life that day!

Paying It Forward could be something as simple as passing on a little joy and happiness to those who are struggling!

Give it a try on a total stranger and I bet you’ll be surprised at the reaction!

Have a grrrrreat day!



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Is a Training De-Load For You? (Guest Post By Strength Coach Jake Hartley)

“You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky

To de-load or not to de-load? Like a lot of things in this industry, you will have a line split down the middle on whether or not people believe in its use. As I was doing some research and reading for this article, I saw one article saying that the “de-load is dead” and another saying “why YOU should use it”. They even emphasised the “YOU” in capitals to grab the readers attention, that must mean its important right!?

A training de-load is a short term reduction in training volume and/or intensity in order for recovery and improved performance. The de-load ideology can be seen in the image below, the belief is that a short-term rest will enable you to rise back above the original base level that you started with.

success 2

There are many benefits to the de-load such as allowing your central nervous system to recover from the stress that training causes on your body, to give yourself a mental break from the demands of heavy training and for all supporting tissue such as your ligaments, tendons, to recover.

Who is it for

So is the de-load really necessary for you? It really depends on what type of training you have and who you are. People will read about de-load and instantly think that a break will bring them the next stage of amazing results, but their training currently consists of some light energy system work (Cardio) and a few sets of curls.

On the other side of the scale, you will have someone who busts their ass every single time they step into the gym and might have a few pains and aches that just aren’t going away, the de-load is perfect for them at that time!

Theres two key points I’m trying to make here. Firstly, the de-load isn’t for every single person who trains, it depends on the training you are currently performing. If your a relative beginner to the gym and been getting up to speed for the past few weeks, you don’t need a de-load at the moment. But, for people who are lifting heavy weights, feeling pain/aches in the joints and/or how you feel mentally, then don’t be afraid to have a de-load week to enable your body to recover and come back firing on all cylinders.


Secondly, don’t have a planned de-load week like a lot of people would recommend. By planning your de-load week, you risk the chance that you may come in on your de-load week feeling brilliant and wanting to hit your session at a pace and force that has been absent for weeks, even months.

Play it very much by on how you feel, if you hit a personal best on a session before and feeling sore and banged up, spend some more time on mobility and soft tissue work and reap the benefits of dialing the intensity/volume down.

What to do

So if you feel like your in need of a de-load, what is it that you do in order to help your body recover and come back better than ever? First of all I would recommend spending slightly longer on your soft tissue work and mobility. This gives your body extra TLC in order to help restore you to your maximum level.

Then, you can approach your normal session with reduced volume or even add in something fresh to give your body a break from the usual. For example, why not get 5 sets of kettle bells and alternate farmers and rack walks for 50m with press ups at the end for a set time of around 30 minutes.

The truth is there is a whole range of options for you to do when your on a de-load, just ensure that you keep it light and simple. Sometimes people can be afraid to turn their training down a notch because of the belief that they will become “weaker” for not keeping their training at a similar level. This is just a myth and although the weights may feel slightly heavier when you return, you will soon be back in the groove!

success 1

So in summary, having a de-load week isn’t for every person that attends the gym. It depends very much on how your body is feeling and how successful you are in relation to your goals. These two points will very much determine whether you will benefit from a brief de-load.

New year, fresh start, give it everything you have to make it your best year yet.

Remember, greatness exists in us all, not one person was given success

Thanks for reading.


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