Don’t waste your time doing Bootcamps

So just as the title says, don’t waste your time doing a bootcamp or any other circuit class for that matter that guarantees you to lose weight. Why?

Well there are many reasons but mainly it comes down to what are you doing it for, lose weight? get stronger? get fitter? improve sports performance? get leaner? or all of them. In addition you need to consider the risk of such classes, many times I have seen videos of new comers to exercise doing things such as carrying a keg overhead while attached to a band and shit like that.


When you embark on an 8 week bootcamp, you envisage hard work, sweat and tears and most of all someone shouting at you telling you to go harder. Well this might sound pretty cool but at the end of the day is it what you need? You may lose some weight for the fact that you are now expending more calories than you are eating but unless you keep up the grueling 1-2 hours a week of hard slog the weight loss is not going to last. So whats the answer, simple..

Keeping things simple is the easiest way to make someone better, for example anyone who joins S&P, needs to learn the strength basics, whether their goal is to lose weight, get stronger, improve performance etc

This involves learning the basic body weight movements such as squat, RDL, lunge variations, push, pull and crawl variations. Members at S&P may stay on a routine like this for upto 6 weeks, why? Well it all comes back to learning the basics. If I can teach someone to do these movements and then they start to load these movements, wouldn’t you say they are much more beneficial then running around like a lemon for an hour? Learning the basics and getting stronger will have a much larger carry over to the outside world, or real world exercises. I always say learn the boring stuff and then you can start to do the cool stuff for the fact that you are now a stronger person.

Couple these exercises with some aerobic work on the prowler and/or sled and you have a solid training program that can and will help many people.

So before you think about embarking on a crazy 8 week bootcamp or something similar, just ask yourself is it what you need. And if your not sure then the answer is probably no, instead get to a real gym where you can be coached the basic movements and start to get strong.

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